Blue Crabs and Fish – catching the easy way in the Philippines (2019)

you are watching Channel Juan, and in this edition, we are not just exploring the bounty of the land, we’re going out into the sea. good morning, Romulo, your Kuya and Uncle here from Holland but this time I’m still in my hometown in and the mother Island of the hundred Islands National Park. Today […]

Friendly Sea Turtles! | JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD

Coming up, Jonathan joins famous IMAX filmmaking team Howard and Michele Hall for dinner with sea turtles! Welcome to Jonathan Bird’s Blue World. Howard and Michele Hall are a world-renown underwater filmmaking team. For more than 30 years, they have traveled the world, making animal behavior documentaries. They are most famous for their incredible underwater […]


(Music) J: hello guys, so, yes today we’re taking the ultimate tour and we’re here in Coron with Andrew and Michaela, who you saw in the last vlog on Romblon and Bon Bon beach we’re here with them today, and look, here is our little ship. Basically we’re gonna do the ultimate tour, and this […]

Bangus Lumpia (Fish Egg Rolls)

Check the video description for the complete recipe written in English. Fish Spring Roll this is our recipe for today so guys, please come with me as I cook we’ll use boneless milk fish for this one like before, here is the complete list of ingredients first step is to cook the milk fish until […]

How to Cook Tuna Sisig with Mayonnaise

welcome to PanlasangPinoy! I’m Vanjo Merano. How are you? If you love Sisig, this episode is perfect for you today, we will cook Tuna Sisig from a canned tuna and these are the ingredients canned tuna red onion, minced. Chopped into tiny bits you may use yellow or white onion here’s an optional ingredient. “Dahon […]

Calming Care 3 System by CEO Han-Gill Park in Atomy School SBT Auditorium

Calming Care 3 System by CEO Han-Gill Park in Atomy School SBT Auditorium

Philippines Whale Sharks! | JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD

Coming up, Jonathan visits the Philippines to meet some big, friendly sharks! Welcome to Jonathan Bird’s Blue World! The whale shark is the largest fish in the world. Growing longer than a school bus, the whale shark survives by filter feeding small fish and plankton from the water. At the Georgia Aquarium, I saw how […]

How to Cook Paksiw na Salmon sa Gata

Hey guys, how are you? Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy! I’m Vanjo Merano Today, we will cook a simple dish This is called Paksiw na Salmon sa Gata These are the ingredients for this recipe: We will need Salmon Head, you can also use Salmon Fillet here’s the Bitter gourd leaves, optional ingredient ginger we need […]

The Best Resort In Panglao (Bohol Philippines)@marylou bernard [Sub]


It’s the Baby Shark Dance. What? Is this what kids are watching nowadays? Baby Shark doodoodoodoodoodoo That’s not even a sentence. Kids need more substance! It should go like this! Baby sharks hatch from an egg case if they’re a species that’s oviparous, otherwise they’re born from eggs within Mommy sharks, Mommy sharks are often […]