Why I Love This Women’s Multivitamin and Fish Oil

so Dr. Davis introduced our the Phyzix MD line last year and it has been a life changer for me especially adjusted for her product I have always battled the PMS a hormonal imbalance that a lot of women struggle with and since starting that Just for Her I have significantly noticed the changes and […]

Why You Need to Take a Fish Oil Supplement Everyday with Dr. Jeff Davis

hi Bonvera I’m Dr. Jeff Davis with Phyzix MD one of the nutritional deficiencies that I see on a daily basis in my clinic is with omega-3 fatty acids now these are essential to us meaning that we can’t manufacture them on our own they have to come from dietary sources there’s two main sources […]

The Best Fish Oil Out There with Dr. Jeff Davis

nation but actually going back finding what the root problem was it started all that mess in the first place getting the right supplementation giving the right vitamins the right ingredients to make your body work properly again how many people love the effects of the Phyzix MD like Calm and Clear Just for Her […]