Are Food Labels a Scam?

this episode has been brought to you by our super generous supporters on patreon if you like many Americans these days are shopping for eggs meat or dairy and you want to ensure that a the animals that produce that food are treated humanely for be that there was no irresponsible use of antibiotics hormones […]

The Pork Industry’s Leadership in Responsible Antibiotic Use and Commitment to Animal Welfare

[Music] In a fast-paced world, there’s something all farmers already know. Farming isn’t simply a means to make a living. But rather a way to make a life. For today’s pig farmer this way of life is fueled by accountability and driven through collaboration. In farming, healthy pigs make safe and nutritious pork so as […]

Fastest and most humane way to kill fish Andysfishing Fishing Video Big Fish EP.160

Andy’s——- fishing on YouTube HD quality fishing videos uploaded every week enjoy and I’ll just show everyone there’s three ways to kill a fish humanely one is you cut the throat you’re going under here and you cut their blood vessels to their gills you hit them on the head with a like a large […]

Pig Business in Northern Ireland

No pig factory here! We’re here today to protest against the largest pig planning application in the UK for a pig factory with 2,700 sows that has the potential to produce eighty one thousand pigs per year and over sixty six thousand tonnes of slurry. That’s equivalent to seven hundred and twenty three thousand adults’ […]