How To Set Up a Planted Aquarium Design. Desiging a Planted Tank Aquascape.

HOW TO SET UP A PLANTED AQUARIUM DESIGN. DESIGING A PLANTED TANK AQUASCAPE. WASSUP Fish tank people? Fish tank Dustin’s fish tanks. Bringing it to you live on a thursday. Happy St. Patricks Day. I’m not wearing any green but I’ve got enough green down here to take care of you all so here’s […]

EASY Beginner Aquarium Plant Species: Species Sunday. 10 Gallon Tank SETUP

What’s up Fish Tank People., Dustin’s Fish Tanks, bringing it to you on a Sunday. It’s a Species Sunday people, so excited to be doing one of these. The greenhouse is like the perfect temperature right now. One of my two kids is sleeping upstairs, life is good. Out here chilling, playing in the […]