Hornwort in Aquarium

I get a couple cuttings of Hornwort plant, also known as Coontail, scientific name Ceratophyllum demersum. The nice green bushy cutting is about 10 cm long. And the smaller cutting is 5 cm. Anchor both plants with one seashell. I put it in a new aquarium on March 22nd, 2019. April 23rd, 2019 In the […]

Never release aquarium plants or animals

Some safe alternatives include trading them with friends returning them to the pet store disposing of them properly. Disposing of plants in a sealed bag in the trash is the safest option. And always ask your local retailer for advice. Remember any release of pets can be a danger to Michigan’s lakes and streams Ultimately […]

Aquarium Plants 101 – Introduction

How’s it going guys this is Chris from Pet Zone and welcome to Aquarium Plants 101. A few times a week we’re gonna bring you guys a different type of plant. We’re pretty much gonna go over the basics, basic care of these plants where discuss with you if it’s a low-tech plant, if it’s […]


Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping. We’re here at the entrance of Green Aqua and we have beautiful weather – finally. So we can start the video here. We’re gonna build the round aquarium at the entrance, here. So follow me, let’s see what we did here! First, this is the first aquarium that […]

【SSTV】 Clownfish | Aquarium Requirement | Aquarium Pet

Welcome to SEA SEA TV. Today’s video is about the aquarium or tank requirement for a clownfish. Clownfish are among the easiest saltwater fish to keep in an aquarium. They still require more complex care than most freshwater aquarium fish. However, their hardiness makes them an ideal “beginner” fish for someone starting out with saltwater […]

How to Plant in Sand Aquariums

Stop aquarium plants floating away Planting in sand substrate can be challenging but a bit of thought can really prevent or even stop aquarium plants floating away. Sand is very fine and is not the best for plants to root into and will not usually hold new plants in place, especially when the current is […]

【SSTV】 Hermit Crab Eating A Little Fish | Blackear Wrasse | Aquarium Pet

Welcome to SEA SEA TV. Today’s video is about the natural phenomena of how a hermit crab eat. In this video, there is a feeding fish hold by a hermit crab. At first, the hermit crab tears the body of feeding fish into small pieces using its claws. The hermit crab was then chew the […]

Tale of two fish tanks. WHITE BOY WHITE BOARD WEDNESDAY!

waiting waiting waiting what’s up fish tank people Dustin’s fishtanks bring it to you over there with the white boy whiteboard Wednesday house if you’re putting doing I hope you’re doing well from a new location because thanks to Fayette County Schools P yeah school dead you’re doing well boy whiteboard Wednesday say that fast […]

Aquaponic Farm with Fish & Vegetables at a Former Meat Packing Factory at Plant Chicago

This is John Kohler with growingyourgreens.com with another exciting episode for you today, we’re here in Chicago and I noticed on the field trip we’re at West 46 Street and Bishop. The plant. The plant is actually a place that grows food underground actually in the basement at present time, this is actually an old […]

DIY Aquarium Planters (Fish Tank Potted Plants)

Welcome back guys, In this video on Fishaholic, i will share how i added live aquatic plants to my aquarium. And as you can see the Guppies are already excited and they’re really interested in these plants and also exploring around new changes. There are two main reasons why I added these aquatic plants. And […]