How ocean plastic threatens sea turtles

Plastic pollution harms many ocean animals, but it can be especially dangerous for sea turtles. Leaving the water can help them avoid plastic in the oceans, but debris on the beaches can cause even bigger problems. Ocean plastic threatens all seven species of sea turtle. Turtles that get tangled in fishing nets are at risk […]

Life Through the Eyes of a Sea Turtle

(chill music) – [Wes] This video of a sea turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its nose kick-started a global movement to save the ocean. – This is arguably the most famous straw in the world. – Yeah. Now, four years later, the scientist who removed that straw is onto something he thinks could […]

Save The Turtle Advert for Maldives TV

Sea Turtles are dying at an alarming rate If nothing is done, they will be extinct in the near future. Turtles have been on the earth for more than 100 million years yet face extinction at our hands. Only one in every 1000 baby turtles survive to adulthood. Costal development destroys important nesting sites. Pollution […]

fish shelter in the fish tank? | aquaponics

Should we have fish shelters in our fish tanks? Or should we leave the fish tanks empty? This is what we’re going to see together in this video. [Music] So today we’re going to talk about fish shelters but before anything if you are new to this channel really you are welcome. Here you’re going […]

Using Plasti Dip to Hide Aquarium Filters

Steve Poland here, and everyone has their own preferences for the look of their aquariums. And one of my preferences is a black background. It hides everything that’s running behind the tanks, but unless you do some work, the equipment inside the tank is still visible. For example, I’m a fan of Eheim’s canister filters […]

Best Docs Network Houston January 12 2014

It’s a call that’s telling me I’m here to serve. It’s a need to make a difference in the world. 24 hours day or night these healing hands will make it right. Looking in their eyes I know that I’m changing lives, changing lives, changing lives for the better, for the better, changing lives. Hello […]

This Is the Only Proven Way to Deter a Great White Shark | The Swim

In the story of an epic journey across the Pacific Ocean, one particular character might quickly come to mind. Ben saw it first, actually; it was just straight on the bow of the boat three meters away – it was, like, bigger than Ben. Before we left, we finally managed to get in touch with […]

Green Spark – environmental empowering projects in Malawi, Africa

Hi, we are Green Spark. I’m Alex from Malawi and I’m Susy from Germany. Our skin is different but our blood is green. Hi I’m Susy. I’m from Germany. and I’m the founder of Green Spark. I studied Industrial Engineering and I worked many years in the aircraft development. Since I wasn’t happy I went […]

Brown Algae IN Your Aquarium Fish Tank How to Remove it Organically Nerite Snails

so today we have kind of a fun topic if you’re keeping tropical fish you may have watched my fish tank video how to set up a freshwater tank and once you’ve got your tank established and the water cycles and all your filters are running great and everything else you’re probably going to get […]

Fungus: The Plastic of the Future

Sur les 10 dernières années, l’être humain a créé plus de plastique que durant tout le 20e siècle. Du plastique qui se décompose très difficilement et détruit les écosystèmes. Par chance, on a peut-être la solution. Des scientifiques, des designers et des rêveurs travaillent sur une révolution organique qui pourrait paraître étrange voire sale, mais […]