What’s Driving Shark Attacks in Recife? | SharkFest

[dramatic music] NARRATOR: Along a roughly 25-mile stretch of shore, there have been more than 60 shark attacks since records began and almost half of them fatal. In fact, this small area accounts for almost 50% of recorded attacks in the entire continent. As a result, it’s earned a chilling designation as South America’s deadliest […]

Western Australia’s Shark Attack Causes | SharkFest

[music playing] NARRATOR: And while sharks have always been present along this massive shoreline, starting in 2010, they become a problem. More than 60 attacks in just 10 years, triple the number of incidents from the preceding decade– it’s an unprecedented uptick. Shark attacks in Western Australia previously were rare. Now they’re almost regular events. […]

What Shark Is Attacking Tourists? | SharkFest

[dramatic music] NARRATOR: So what is behind this deadly spate of attacks? According to local news reporter Jerry Sinon, it’s a question on everyone’s mind. There was a lot of rumors in regards to the attacks. Why did it happen? And in two weeks time it happened twice. NARRATOR: One such rumor concerns the identity […]

Shark Attack Capital of the World | SharkFest

[music playing] The coastline, extending roughly 15 miles around the town, is a shark-attack hot spot. There have been as many as 20 shark attacks in a single year, which is a tremendous number for such a small area. NARRATOR: In fact, since records began, this tiny region has seen a shocking total of more […]

Why Are White Shark Attacks on the Rise? | SharkFest

[dramatic music] NARRATOR: Great whites are the most feared predator in the ocean. They typically hunt large mammals, like seals, sea lions, and whales. But they are also responsible for more attacks on humans than any other shark species. And that’s not all. When Collier digs into the details from the other four incidents in […]

The Jersey Shore Shark Attacks | SharkFest

NARRATOR: It calls to mind events that occurred more than a century ago, which means the key to the present dilemma may lie in the past. DAN HUBER: Understanding patterns in historical attacks can also help us to understand patterns in current attacks. NARRATOR: So experts are turning their attention back, all the way back […]