[Tuto] Rack aquariums – Kallax project EP.1

Hello everyone! Today we are going to start a new project together I decided in this small room to make a rack of aquariums Something modest but which should be quite good in the end. It is unfortunately not for me to start a fish room although I would love to be able to make […]


Tutoriel 20 : Le poisson en ballon

Hello! Today, I’m going to teach you how to make an adorable little fish. You’ll need two balloons. I’ve chosen an orange modeling balloon to make the body of the fish, but you could use red, or any other color you like, and a little white round balloon to make the eyes! To start, we’re […]

LE PLUS GROS POISSON AU MONDE : LE REQUIN BALEINE ! [The biggest fish in the world ! ]

and he is the … the animal that I wanted to meet … the biggest fish in the world ! the whale shark! hello Michel I’m on a whole small island in the middle of the ocean, the island Derawan, east of Borneo I will spend one night there to try tomorrow morning to meet […]

L’Automne des Anguilles [Eels Fall]

At the bottom of the oceans, at hundreds of meters of depth, where the light won’t even venture, silver eels get tangled in some kind of frantic dance, and spread millions of seeds filled with life, before they surrender to the abyss and meet the lost sailors of the Bermuda Triangle. These seeds filled with […]

Veuve noire – Gymnocorymbus ternetzi ✔

Also known as the widow black, this fish does not have so aggressiveness Let’s discover the black Tetra together. It’s full scientific name is Gymnocorymbus ternetzi. It is part of the Characidae family. It’s a tropical freshwater fish native from south america, he can be found among other in Argentina and Paraguay. The Black Tetra […]