L’Automne des Anguilles [Eels Fall]

At the bottom of the oceans, at hundreds of meters of depth, where the light won’t even venture, silver eels get tangled in some kind of frantic dance, and spread millions of seeds filled with life, before they surrender to the abyss and meet the lost sailors of the Bermuda Triangle. These seeds filled with […]

Veuve noire – Gymnocorymbus ternetzi ✔

Also known as the widow black, this fish does not have so aggressiveness Let’s discover the black Tetra together. It’s full scientific name is Gymnocorymbus ternetzi. It is part of the Characidae family. It’s a tropical freshwater fish native from south america, he can be found among other in Argentina and Paraguay. The Black Tetra […]


today we’re gonna test the GOFISH camera so I put my GOFISH camera on the line, I’ve got some lead here, and my dead bait will be there, and then I’ve attached this camera on the line with a stronger line here which goes to the reel. Now if you take the weight of the […]

Apistogramma borellii ✔

Less known than other Apistogramma, Borellii is a very beautiful aquarium fish. You want to discover him? So let’s go! Apistogramma borellii belongs to the family of Amazonian dwarf cichlids and order of percifome. Small tropical freshwater fish native to america South we can find him in brazil, in paraguay, and in argentine. He has […]

Otocinclus – Macrotocinclus affinis ✔

His reputation as an algae eater is notorious, but let’s see in detail this little Otocinclus. Small tropical freshwater fish, he’s full scientific name is Macrotocinclus affinis. It’s a ground fish that is part of the Locaridae family. Native to South America he is found mainly in Brazil. It’s a fish to maintain in groups […]

Rasbora arlequin – Trigonostigma heteromorpha ✔

Harlequin fish is the most widespread Rasbora in aquarium, let’s discover this fish in detail. Its scientific name is Trigonostigma heteromorpha. It is part of the cyprinid family. It’s a tropical freshwater fish, from Southeast Asia, he’s found in the wild in Thailand and Malaysia. The Harlequin Rasbora is a gregarious fish he must live […]


this is a water wolf cam. To avoid the to lost the cam, I put a kind of link between here here and here so that it can not take out, together with those 3 attachment and also I take out the logo which is here which is white and does not help for the […]

Le monstre du Léman