Fishing With Gummy Worms and Catching a lot of Catfish

Yeah we got all these fish covered up with ice… Yeah ya’ll gonna need a bigger boat if you keep catching em like that. Oh you broke the block up. Yeah that block ice it will still hold even though you broke it up. That’s a big one here. Hold him up for me. Awe […]

How to safely pick up a catfish

The first time you pull in one of these catfish you’re probably wondering how you should pick it up without getting hurt. You’ve probably heard of people getting jabbed or stung by catfish. The first thing you need to know is that these whiskers here are harmless that’s what the catfish uses for smelling and […]

Brothers Go Fishing For The First Time

– [Keith] Dolphins! (splash) Oh (bleep), Oh (bleep), we’re going down! We’re at Hilton Head Island, my family comes here a lot. The other night, we were doing karaoke at a bar, and we met two dudes, Campbell, and Drew Davis. Now they’re gonna take us fishing. (honky tonk music) – [Keith] Oh shoot, that’s […]