Best Grilled & Fried Fish | Faridullah Fish Point Abbotabad | Pakistani Street Food

Assalam o alikum, i hope you are all doing fine If you have seen my last three videos then you already should know that I travelled from Karachi to Islamabad We had dinner at the Rawalpindi Food street we did breakfast at the Kartar Pura and then we headed towards Murree and towards Nathiagali and […]

Malvani fish fry-Pomfret fry | मालवणी फिश फ्राय (पापलेट फ्राय) | Recipe by Manali | Manali’s Kitchen

Hello I am Manali Welcome to Manali’s Kitchen Today’s recipe is Malvani Fish Fry Before moving further,lets buy fish for Malvani Fish fry Lets see which fish I am going to buy As you see, this is Golden Pomfret This one is good Ingredients needed to prepare Malvani fish fry are This is one big […]