MUD CRABS & MILK FISH FARMING | How to become successful in raising MUD CRABS & MILKFISH

Hey guys, it’s a beautiful day. Once again, you’re here back at Dexter’s World Channel Maybe we’ll ask Dexter. Where are you? well I’m here at the crab pond of my chief he is my office mate And he is operating a fish pond. We are privileged enough that he allowed us to have a […]

How to Breed Rosy Barb fish (finally secrets revealed)

Hey guys, it’s another beautiful day Once again to talk about this kind of tropical fish that we have here and you are here back at Dexter’s World Channel Today we are going to talk about How to breed ROSY BARB but before that I would like to make an update also about the tank […]

Looking for Native Aquarium Plants? Here’s How to Collect Plants from a Local Stream.

what up fish tank people dustin’s fishtanks on a sunday yes it’s species Sunday but I’m doing something special I had to get the hell out of the house I’m out of the house I’m gonna do a little bit of collecting for my back ponds check it out I’m over here in this […]

Build Fish Pond in Underground Bamboo House To Raise Fish On The Cliff

Build Fish Pond in Undergroud Bamboo House To Raise Fish On The Cliff

$60,000 Japanese Koi Fish

I got a phone call from Shawn McHenry, he said he had a really special fish to talk about in our Koi discussions video this week let’s go inside and see what he has in store for us. Shawn! Eric! Awesome to see you man. Great to see you man. I love these koi discussions. […]