Catfish Fry Recipe | Very Tasty Big Catfish Fry

Turmeric Powder For Cleaning Adding Masala Turmeric Powder Red Chilli Powder Salt Ginger Garlic Paste Garam Masala Kabab Masala Lemon Juice Mix Well… 6 KG Catfish Wow.. Super… Very Tasty If You Like This Video Give a Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe…

Myanmar Food Recipes Mohinga Burmese Fish Soup မုန့္ဟင္းခါးခ်က္နည္း

fish paste 1 table spoon first we have to be turn on heat up and boiling water When boiling,fish paste 5 Jaggery 3 lemongrass, and When boiling, you’ll place in fish filet Garbanzo bean paste onion,garlic and ginger and then garlic and black papper rice powder penut powder fish sauce,red chili powder,salt,fish powder(hondashi) black papper […]

Home made Fish Curry | Subtitles added | CookFunz

Fresh fish Oil Curry nuts Curry leaves Sliced onions Turmeric powder Mint leaves Garlic paste Fenugreek powder Salt Red chilies powder Oil Tamarind soup Coconut powder Little Fenugreek powder After 10 minutes Coriander powder Little bit of Salt Coriander leaves Cardamom Yummy Fish curry ready!!!

Full Fish Curry in my village | How to cook Full Fish | CookFunz

Oil Curry nuts Onions Garlic paste Tamarind soup Curry leaves Turmeric powder Tamarind soup Fenugreek powder Red chilies powder Salt Green chilies Coriander powder

Primitive Technology – BIG FISH FRY WITH BANANA LEAF – Cooking Skill Village Food Channel

Hi Guy! today i show you about: Primitive Technology – Cooking Big Mahi fish fry Ginger Paste Garlic Paste Egg Mix Well Turmeric Powder Coriander Powder Red chilli powder Garam Masala Pepperb Powder Salt Lemon Mix Well Coconut Oil Coriander Leavs Banana Leaf Aluminum foil Wow Super and different taste if you like this video […]

Myanmar Food Recipes Spicy Deep Fried Fish Recipes ငါးခူေၿကာ္နွပ္

Today we cooking Spicy Fried Fish Cat Fish (clean and rub the fish on a little bit salt) chili powder and ground chili Dry shrimp( a little bit blanch ) when oil is ready to fried slice glaric slice onion turmeric powder you have to fried until onion and garlic are change to color golden […]

Sorse Ilish Bengali Recipe | সর্ষে ইলিশ | Shorshe Ilish Recipe | Hilsa Fish Recipe

Yogurt – 2 tbsp Red Chilli Powder – 1 tsp Turmeric Powder – ½ tsp

Fry Masala Fish Ome’s Kitchen HD فرائی مصالہ مچھلی

tilapia fish 1 and half kg soya sauce 2tbs garam powder 1 and half cup garlic 1tbs Lemon juice half cup salt 1 tbs red chilli powder 1tbs garam masala 1tbs mace and nutmeg powder 2 pinches coriander powder 1tbs carom seed 1tbs cooking oil for fry water as you need get a bowl and […]

Healthy Tasty Spicy n Easy Indian Food Recipe -Fish with mustard #Reshmikitchenfoodnfun

Bengal famous film actress Late Supriya Devi’s recipe – Spicy Katla fish with mustard / Katla Ma6er Jhaal 6 pieces of Katla fish (golden fried with salt & turmeric powder) 1 medium potato pieces (golden fried) 2 tbsp mustard paste ½ tsp turmeric powder ½ tsp kashmiri red chili powder ½ tsp sugar 1 tsp […]

Healthy n tasty n spicy fish recipe (Recipes for kids )~ Fish Milk Curry #Reshmikitchenfoodnfun

Katla fish milk curry / Doodh katla 4 pieces of Katla fish (lightly fried with salt & turmeric powder) ½ cup milk 1 big chopped onion ½ tsp turmeric powder ½ Kashmiri red chili powder ½ tsp salt ½ tsp sugar 4 sleeted green chilies ½ tsp ginger paste Garam masala paste (2 green cardamoms […]