What If A Megalodon Shark Fought A Titanoboa Snake

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a Gigantic Snake fought a Gigantic shark? Well we have. Are you really that surprised? Today, life’s biggest questions asks, what if a megalodon shark fought a titanoboa snake. Hello, and welcome back to life’s biggest questions, the channel that imagines the impossible. I’m your host, charlotte […]

The coelacanth: A living fossil of a fish – Erin Eastwood

The dead coming back to life sounds scary. But for scientists, it can be a wonderful opportunity. Of course, we’re not talking about zombies. Rather, this particular opportunity came in the unlikely form of large, slow-moving fish called the coelacanth. This oddity dates back 360 million years, and was believed to have died out during […]

Terrifying Super-Fish Reeled In By Fisherman From Seas Near Site Of Fukushima Nuclear Accident

This giant fish was pulled out of the ocean near the site of the Fukushima nuclear accident. The vast fish looks prehistoric with its gaping mouth and vast head. Japanese fisherman Hirasaka Hiroshi tweeted a photo of himself with his catch saying it was a wolffish. He wrote: “It was worth flying to Hokkaido twice […]