Samore’s #Catfish s4 ep 13 | Falesha & Jacqueline (Review/Recap)

lock your doors hide your man hide your kids because Jacqueline, I mean Felicia I mean Tracy they coming Hey Hey SamoreLoveBugz you have now tuned in to my catfish recap guys be sure to subscribe to this channel hit that subscribe button also be sure to share this video on Google Facebook or Instagram […]

Will These BFFs Be Destroyed When The Truth Comes Out? | MTV’s Ghosted

– That’s what happened, that’s the true… Call him. Get him on the phone. – I can’t call him– – Call him. Why? Why can’t you call him? – Because he’s in jail. (dramatic drum) – [Brittney] Oh. – [Announcer] On this episode of Ghosted, Love Gone Missing, Travis and Rachel help Brittney figure out […]

Can These BFFs Heal After This ‘Shocking’ Ghosting? | MTV’s Ghosted

– I didn’t want to share any of this on camera. (crying) I didn’t want to share it! – [Tahira] I understand. – And now it’s out there! (crying) – [Narrator] On this episode of Ghosted Love Gone Missing, Travis and Rachel are helping Whitney who was ghosted by her best friend Tahira two years […]

Can These Former BFFs Recover From The Ultimate Betrayal? | MTV’s Ghosted

(intense violin music) – [Producer] Hey guys. Delmond is here. (dramatic music intensifies) – [Narrator] On this episode of “Ghosted: Love Gone Missing,” Travis and Rachel are helping Julia figure out why her long-time best friend, Delmond, cut her out of his life with no warning. – [Travis] Have you guys known each other since […]

This Dude Really Ghosted His Pregnant GF?? | MTV’s Ghosted

– What’s the problem? – Listen. – Me being gay has nothing to do– – Listen. – …with me being a dad. – It’s not about you being gay– – Then what is it? – It’s not about you being gay. – Then what is it? What is it? – [Narrator] On this episode of […]

Will This Serial Ghoster End His Shady Ways? | MTV’s Ghosted

– This whole thing is goofy. This is stupid. All this for what? Just because I didn’t send you a goodbye text? Like come on! That’s dumb. – So then why did you come? – [Narrator] On this episode of Ghosted, Love Gone Missing. Travis and Rachel go to Brooklyn to help Kayla figure out […]

MTV’s Ghosted: Love Gone Missing | FULL EPISODE Sneak Peek

– [Travis] Have you ever been ghosted? Totally left in the dark by someone you care about? no texts, no DMs, nothing. ♪ I watched you vanish ♪ ♪ Into thin air ♪ I’m Travis Mills. – And I’m Rachel Lindsay, and we know a thing or two about ghosting. I had an ex. He […]

The Year of the Golden Fish. Russian Movie. StarMedia. Melodrama. English Subtitles

So you think these are better? Let me see… What do you think, which are better — these ones… You should try them on. I like it! Oh, don’t look, turn away! No, no, I’m not looking! – You’ll see everything tomorrow! – I’m not looking! Tomorrow is tomorrow. That’s that! Turn away! Ok, I […]