Gill Hicks and the Australian of the Year exhibition

JEREMY LASEK: Gill Hicks from South Australia, our South Australian Australian of the Year. Please welcome Gill. Like all our finalists, Gill has an amazing, remarkable story. Gill was caught up in the 2005 London bombings. She was the last person pulled out alive from that awful scene. Gill, I guess if we reflect on […]

Hannah Gill at #NEHPlayback

good morning my name is jesse johnston and i’m a program officer here at NEH we’re thrilled to see everybody here this morning and it’s my privilege to moderate this morning’s plenary panel let me begin by telling you just a little bit more about the spirit and ideas that frame this session we’re all […]

The real secret to sushi isn’t fish

Whole Foods? Refrigerated section by the fish on ice. 7-11? Beside the fruit cups in light syrup. Trader Joe’s? By the packaged sausage. It is everywhere. But as sushi made its way into foodies’ hearts across the globe, one thing has persisted in making sushi sushi. And it’s right there in the name. The word […]

TUTORIAL: Pressure Canning Fish for Beginners (step-by-step)

Hey hey So today is going to be my fish canning day. And I just wanted to show you my setup. So this is my prep station. Right here, I’ve got a cutting board and this is all the fish that I’m going to can. So I’ve got two nice sized filets of fresh salmon […]