Cooking BLACK BEAR in the FOREST | WILD Fresh Smoked Fish | ASMR (Silent)

Black bear is very common in Northern Ontario, Canada. Harvesting black bear is important to keep the heard balanced. Black bears will pray on moose calves. We are preparing a gambrel to help hold the bear up for processing. The stick is being inserted just under the Achilles tendon. Now the animal can be made […]

Fishing in Bay of Bengal Cooking and Eating / Cooking in Jungle / River Fishing in jungle

welcome friends! we’ve come here after walking a long 5 km distance now we’re going to catch fish, cook and we all enjoy eating let’s start enjoying ! we have just reached we will start fishing cooking……….. i’m digging to make an oven making rice is done rice has been made successfully its ready now […]

Skills life – Amazing yummy skills Big Fish Cooking – and Eat to delicious delicious

CAVEMAN Bone Marrow, Bowdrill in the Woods | ASMR (Silent)

You should never consume parts of an animal found dead in the forest. Unless you are an expert. To cook the bone marrow, we’ll need to make a bow drill kit. I am using cedar, as it is usually very dry. Peeling bark means the tree has been dead for a while. I will use […]

primitive technology – Survival Skills Cooking – eel and eating in the forest Eat delicious (EP 23)

Amazin fishing: Catching Eel with a Fish Trap

We started our trip from Khulna Another 15 minutes motorbike ride to Ruhita Village We moved to Majher Char for camping We crossed Bishkhali river to reach our campsite This island have no human habitat This fish trap I bought from Ali express that cost me only 6 dollar We set the trap in the […]

Big Fishes Jumping Out of Water | Eel Fishing | Boy Catching Eel Fish From Under Water with Hand

Big Fishes Jumping Out of Water | Eel Fishing | Boy Catching Eel Fish From Under Water with Hand


Assalamualaikum Wr.wb Meet Me Again on the Eel Fishing Channel This time I am in the rice field Thank you for your support, who already likes, who already commented, thank you very much That already subscribed, thank you very much And please help For Support Not Supported, By Click Subscribe and Turn on the Bell […]

Primitive Technology: Dig eel and steamed in delicious bamboo tube | Find and cook food in the wild

Eels usually live in wet mud so we can easily catch them by hand digging through the mud. I processed them by steamed in bamboo tubes , that is the way of cooking in nature without pots and pans

Primitive Technology – Cooking eel on a rock ( Eating delicious )

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