filter sock filtration no longer needed! saltwater aquarium filter – rotter tube

everybody welcome to another edition of rotter tube with your host Steve today mechanical filtration in your saltwater aquarium. sump socks are good at capturing nasty stuff from your aquarium but they are a pain to clean! It is recommended you buy 12 sump socks and swap them out every few days. Wash in washing […]

HOW TO: Build a protein skimmer for aquariums TUTORIAL

Hi everybody, joey here again and welcome back. In todays video, Im going to show you how to build a protein skimmer for a saltwater aquarium. A protein skimmer removes waste products or basically any decaying organic matter in a fish tank before it has the opportunity to break down and lower water quality. It […]

How to Build a Custom Sump for Your Reef Aquarium

(fun music) – Hello folks, Robert from Marine Depot here. Thanks for watching. In this video, we’re going to build a sump. We’re going to show you guys how to build a sump filter for your aquarium that’s not only effective, but also easy on your wallet. (fun music) When building an aquarium, proper planning […]

Do You Need a Fish Tank Protein Skimmer? | Aquarium Care

Depending on the type of tank you have, that will determine whether you or not you need a protein skimmer. However, if you have a saltwater aquarium, you really should consider a protein skimmer. Protein skimmers don’t really work on freshwater. They’re mainly just used on saltwater due to the attraction of waste molecules to […]