Cobalt Aquatics Phantom Ultrasonic Silent Aquarium Air Pump Review. The Most Quiet Air Pump?

– Hey, everyone. This is Cory from Aquarium Co-Op and today, we’re gonna be reviewing the Cobalt Phantom Ultrasonic Silent Air Pump. So we’re gonna be using things like this flow meter to test how much air actually is putting out. We’re gonna use this dB meter to test how quiet it actually is and […]

How to Ditch Your Aquarium Air Pump

Steve Poland here. And we all know that our fish need oxygen to breathe. Or at least I hope we all know that. And the beneficial bacteria in our aquariums need oxygen in order to break down waste. So it’s super important to have adequate oxygen levels in your tank. And the go to method […]

Aquarium Water Circulation: How Pumps & Powerheads Help Create Ideal Water Flow for a Reef Tank

– Anyone with a reef aquarium knows that good water flow is key to having healthy corals and a beautiful tank. Today, wanna take a look at why. (upbeat music) Hi, this is Wayland from Marine Depot and thanks for tuning in. In the early days of reef-keeping, we had to use bulky power heads […]

Aquarium UV Sterilizers Explained

Hey everyone, Steve Poland here, And this week I wanted to talk about a piece of equipment that can improve the clarity, cleanliness, and overall health of your aquarium: a UV sterilizer. They’re very commonly used in ponds but they can also be used in aquariums to eliminate various water-born microorganisms including free-floating algae. And […]

What is difference between aquarium fishtank pump and filter in Hindi

hello friends welcome back to channel today’s video is about what is difference between air pump and filter this is my air pump it used for oxygen supply as well as water cleaning with help of sponge filter this is my fish tank filter and it is also it used for oxygen supply as well […]