Quebec Brook Trout | Lac Beauchene

(soft upbeat music) – Fish on. That didn’t take long. Wow, this one hammered it. This week, we’re part of the egg collection at LacBeauchene in Quebec. I’m Bill Spicer, this is The New Fly Fisher. (soft guitar music) – [Announcer] The New Fly Fisher has been made possible thanks to Quebec Outfitters federation, Orvis […]

Monster Catfish| Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Look at this squad, Bro. Eagle squad, you guys. Three eagles. Eagle-palooza One more eagle and they’ve got a band. There’s another one. OMG guys. The eagles are playing live right now. Welcome to the Hotel Manitoba. What’s up, guys? We’re the Vagabrothers. Right now we are in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It’s dawn. We’re on […]

Quebec Trout – Kenauk Nature

(light guitar music) Fish on. Oh, great, fish. Nice one, Jenna Oh, gosh. And he took my fly. Welcome to The New Fly Fisher. I’m your host Jenna McKeown and on today’s show we’re at Kenauk Nature, a beautiful location in Quebec just a few hours north of the American border. We’re going to be […]

Skeet Shooting, Trout Fishing, & the Turd Confederacy

I wanna get you to taste some stuff but first, this is really important. Yeah. I’d like to make you officially a member of the Terrior Quebec, the Turd Confederacy. The Turd Confederacy. This is deer turd. This is deer turds. It’s, it’s dried. It’s dried deer turds on my neck. It’s shellacked. Shellacs turds. […]