Fishing in Whistler, Squamish & Vancouver w/ Trout Country Fishing Guides

My name is Logan and I own Trout Country Fishing Guides here locally in Squamish and Whistler. I’ve been guiding for about 16 years… born and raised in British Columbia. Trout Country is sort of an all-access guiding company, so we have a diverse range of clientele from younger kids just trying to catch their […]

the Pinecrest Chronicles – ep. 02 – FIRE! Kayak Trout Finesse Fishing at Pinecrest Lake Inlet

you know what’s up guys we’re coming up on the inlet here there’s a few boats and a few people fishing from shore it’s not too crowded last year this place was packed it was about a dozen boats here including party boats man so this place gets really crowded it’s early season so man […]

2019 San Pablo Dam Reservoir Angler’s Press Trout Tournament. Let’s Go!!

He was second in 2019 and we’re at some Pablo dam reservoir. We’re getting ready to go to this tournament today Let’s see how we do today. Let’s go guys. Let’s go fishing. Yo Briana what’s up? What’s up? You ready to kill it today? Oh man, it’s all shaded up like that Do that […]

Rainbow Trout in Foil

Fly Fishing the Guadalupe River for Texas Rainbow Trout, 4K

What fly am I going to pick today? I think I’ll start with the Rainbow Warrior Rainbow Warrior pick the prettiest one hopefully the fish like it That little guy is going to catch me a 20 inch trout just watch I’ll have to debarb the hook too that we can get it out of […]

Trout in Colors

He took the fly The light in the trees is beautiful He’s coming That’s a nice fish He’s a happy camper Nice fish

Camping and Trolling for Trout at Lake Amador

bro anything get one dude went out and got two more dude limited and Nicole what’s up guys we are on our way to Amador late this Friday we’re gonna get there a little bit early it’s an intel on the lake so yo let’s go fishing guys yo what’s up guys we are at […]

Watch 750lbs of Trout Being Stocked in the Chattahoochee River!!

what’s up everybody today we are heading down to the Buford Fish hatchery where we’re gonna be meeting with Pat Markey he’s going to be showing us the ins and outs of everything that has to be done to get trout ready to be stocked into our waters. Stick around because if we’re lucky he […]

Restoring North America’s rarest trout

The threatened Paiute cutthroat trout has the distinction of being the rarest trout in North America. This fish has been federally protected since 1967. Its historic range is only an 11-mile long section of Silver King Creek located near Markleeville in Alpine County California. The biggest threat to the species is hybridization with non-native rainbow […]