How to Make Gluten-Free Onion Rings with Chris Kronner

Or we’ll toss the onion rings themselves in a little bit of corn starch. shit, I forgot the fucking buttermilk. [MUSIC] I’m Chris Kronner from Kronner Burger in Oakland, California, and today we are going to make gluten free onion rings. One onion should make enough onion rings for two people. In addition to the […]

Fish Anatomy Rap

Welcome to Ichthyology Scientists that study fish diversity Fish come from marine, Yea! Freshwater too! Environments completely different from me and you! You got! Sphyrnidae, Triakidae, Narcinidae, Myxinidae, Lampridae, Cottidae, Belonidae, Gymnotidae Don’t be bat fish ugly! That wasn’t very funny! Don’t run from all the fish complexities! That’s why we study fish anatomy! Yeaaaaaa!!! […]

Over 10 Natural Antibiotics That Fight Infection, And Pharmaceutical Companies Do Not Want You To Kn

over 10 natural antibiotics that fight infection and pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know nature gives us a tremendous wellspring of natural cures to treat a lot of ailments and conditions in a totally natural way so what’s the reason we always ask for drugs when having some health problems maybe the considerable […]