Vegan Meatballs Recipe – TVP Meatless Balls | Vegan/Vegetarian Recipe

For those who love meatier plant-based meals, these vegan TVP meatless balls can truly be a game changer. They are easy to prepare and though they don’t taste like meat, they are juicy and tender with the robust appeal you would expect to find in a meatball. This is the second TVP (also known as […]

Roti & Fillings 2/3: White Bean Curry (Mauritian vegan recipe)

Hi guys, welcome to the Veganlovlie channel. I am Teenuja and today’s video is following on from part 1 of a series of 3 videos. So, for a recap, this series is about the typical fillings that are served with the Mauritian roti. So, in part 1, we had a look at how to make […]

Easy Gluten-free Oatmeal Muffins with Mango & Blueberry | Sugar-free Vegan Recipe

Hi friends, Today we are making these gluten-free oatmeal muffins that also don’t require any added refined sugar as they are packed with juicy chunks of fresh mangoes and blueberries. Start by processing 1 cup of the rolled oats into a flour. Then add the rest of the rolled oats along with all the dry […]

Borlotti (Pinto) Beans and Butternut Squash Daube (Mauritian Stew) | Vegan / Vegetarian Recipe

Hi everyone, it’s Teenuja from Veganlovlie. Well today’s recipe is a very popular Mauritian dish which is the Mauritian stew and we locally call it ‘la daube’. It’s made with various ingredients and various vegetables. And this dish originally comes from the French daube provençale and we have our own version of this dish in […]