Adding 103+ Cherry Shrimp! – Cherry Shrimp Planted Aquarium With Fish

Hey what’s up guys today. We’re gonna be adding a ton of cherry shrimp to the forest tank I have them right here in this bucket. There’s I don’t know there’s a lot of um there’s probably at least one hundred I’ll go with. Like one hundred and three that I’ll make for a good […]

Shrimp Aquarium Biofilm

Hello Guys and Welcome to Mark’s Shrimp Tanks. I thought today we’d talk about an issue I see a lot of you guys having problems with and that is how to make baby shrimp live longer, right? Basically what you wanna do with this guys is you want to create a biofilm wall in your […]

Top 5 Bottom Dweller Freshwater Fish

– Hey everyone, Cory from aquarium coop. Today we’re talking about my top five bottom dwellers. So, they’re gonna eat off the bottom. A lot of people want cleaner fish, this is, this list is for you. So at number five, I’ve got Geophagus. What does that mean? That means sand sifter or earth eater. […]