Venomous Octopus Defends the Reef!

– [Narrator] Tonight we are on the hunt for something truly bizarre. As I hope to encounter the aliens of the reef. (intense music) (majestic music) – What’s going on everybody? And welcome back to another Blue Wilderness adventure. Here on the edge of the Caribbean Sea at night. Now we’re at Grand Cayman Island […]

All About Aquarium Sumps & Reef Tank Plumbing

Coral nutrition – food for thought

With so many feeding options are you sure you’re giving your corals exactly what they need? If you want your corals to thrive grow be colorful and resilient to changes Here’s some food for thought Hi guys and welcome to Red Sea Insights about coral nutrition The vast majority of corals are considered “photosynthetic” because […]

Week 48: Keep algae out of your reef tank FOREVER! | 52 Weeks of Reefing

Today on BRStv we are going to change the conversation on algae forever Hey guys my name is Ryan, welcome to another week of the BRS 160 where every week we do our best to help you guys, members of the reefing community enjoy your tanks and find new ways to explore the hobby. We […]

Parrotfish Critical for Healthy Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are the jewels of the ocean, they’re magnificent structures created by corals over eons that support a wealth of other organisms. Unfortunately corals are dying on many reefs across the globe. Some reef inhabitants such as parrotfish literally bite and scrape the reef in pursuit of algae that grow on top of corals […]

REEF TANK TOURS – Floating Reef Tank – 1700 liter (German subtitles) #meerwasseraquarium #aquarium

Hallo und herzlich willkommen zu SEA FRIENDLY REEF. Gestern sind wir aus Deutschland zurückgekommen nach unserer Reise in die Schweiz, um euch einige der beeindruckendsten Riffaqurien zu zeigen, die ich in meinem Leben gesehen habe. Der erste Halt war bei Bopi in Zürich, wo wir einen Blick auf sein Floating Reef werfen konnten. Er ist […]

A Symphony of Sharks

NOAA Fisheries Whitetip Reef Shark Shortfin Mako Shark Caribbean Reef Sharks Spiny Dogfish (Pacific) Basking Shark Galapagos Shark Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks Angel Shark Whitetip Reef Sharks Thresher Shark Spiny Dogfish (Atlantic) Blacktip Reef Shark Caribbean Reef Shark Nurse Shark Nurse Shark Leopard Shark NOAA Fisheries Credits & Copyright Great white, mako, and hammerhead shark […]

Mandalay Bay Reef Aquarium In Las Vegas. #mandalaybay Aquarium Tour

Mandalay Bay Reef Aquarium

Top 5 Recommended Sustainable Soft Corals for Any Nano Reef Aquarium

Hi everyone, I’m Ike from Current-USA and today we’re going to go over our top 5 recommended sustainable soft corals for any nano-reef aquarium. Many entry-level aquarists keep marine fish and live rock in their aquarium and they want to keep corals but they’re a little concerned about the tough learning curve they may have […]

DIY saltwater fish tank / aquarium sump tank

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