Who Can Catch the BIGGEST FISH in 30 Mins?!

Ebro Fishing Spain | Catching huge catfish

Holy shit! Go, go go! Come on man! Pull up, pull up. Fucking hell man! What a beast! 2 meters! Yeah buddy! Awesome G. Fucking hell. Good job Ralph. 1 meter on, 2 meters off Oh boy, you made him angry now. Just pull up. Just pull on it Ralph. Don’t worry guys, we’ve got […]

Project M: Pionieren op meerval [French Catfish]

Hey Simon. – oui, oui!? Bonjour! Now you’re allowed to tell them! What are we going to do in France? err…. Fishing for catfish * in horrible French* Fishing for wels catfish! My French is a little rusty, but you’ve got to try something right? And how? How? With the boat * silly French again* […]

Trout Fishing Kings River CA (upper)

I threw to the wrong spot then, thats why earlier I felt a bite too but…. His probably not big got only the smalls his probably not big ogm, mine is pulling amazingly come here fool oh don’t come tangle me Yingska, yours is so small, hurry it up, man! yours is so small, why […]

Trout Fishing in Bishop, Ca with GoPro HERO3+ HD 1080

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$25 Walmart Trout Fishing Challenge. (BAD ENDING)

what’s going on guys Zach here from crawfishing and today we’re headed to Walmart we’re gonna do the 25 dollar Walmart trout fishing challenge I got my little buddy Goldie following along with me let’s go and buy the products I’ll show you exactly what I buy stay tuned and let’s see what we get […]

Fly Fishing – Catching Rainbow and Brown Trout in Pennsylvania 2019 – Small Stream Fishing Action

How to grill catfish over the fire

Hi everybody and welcome to another episode of Great Cove Adventure Films. Today I’m going to give you a video demonstration of the method I use to grill catfish over the fire. For a long time my favorite way to enjoy catfish was battered and deep-fried, but once I tried grilling catfish over the fire, […]

How to Tie a Sliding Sinker (Carolina) Rig for Catfish

There’s lots of different rigs you can use for catching catfish but one of the ones that is most popular with angles, and also one of the easiest is the sliding sinker rig and that’s the one I use most often when I fish for channel catfish. So I’m gonna take a few moments today […]