Using Fish Skins to Treat Bears Burned in California Wildfire

I don’t think all the animals with the severe burns that we’ve seen here could make it on their own. If you look at the literature, treating wild animals that have experienced this degree of burns just hasn’t been done, at least it hasn’t been written up and shared with other people. The bear, I […]

Our short-sighted inner fish: Vision explains why our fish ancestors came on to land

Almost 400 million years ago, some adventurous fish made a huge leap that eventually led to the evolution of humankind. They decided to come up on land We humans probably would never have evolved the intelligence we have today if not for that move onto land. Why? Because it vastly improved our eyesight. According to […]

Fish that walk (1999)

[Music playing] [Music playing] (Narrator) This unique fish, that walks on its’ hands, was declared an endangered species in 1996 and only intense scientific research has saved its’ life. But its’ near extinction could be ringing the warning bells about much wider and more serious environmental problems. There’s only one place where the Spotted Handfish […]

Dr. Emmett Gill – NCAA and professional athletics

(music playing) Dr. Emmett Gill: My focus here at the university is primarily athletic, I know, a great deal of my work does focus on intercollegiate athletics, whether it’s policy issues, whether the issue is Title IX, substance use, an array of NCAA issues, but I also look at different issues in professional sports. I’m […]

Massive Shark x Submarine FULL EDIT (“Sharks in the Deep”)

I think that looks perfect. Don’t go too much further over though, because we want them to come up the slope and then we can deploy the tags. The dorsal fin is likely to be by the starboard [tagging gun], and then that’s going to be the safest shot to not injure the animal. Alright, […]

TTU Whitacre College of Engineering – Harvinder Gill

My research is in the field of biomedical engineering. We use micro and nano technology to be able to create novel solutions so that we can address challenges in human health and other complex biomedical problems. For example, we are making oral vaccines so that we don’t need to get vaccines through shots We are […]

Managing Catfish for the Future

[Narrator] This is Passport to Texas. Largemouth bass is hands down the favorite sport fish among anglers in Texas. [Dave Terre] Today in Texas about 50% of our anglers say they prefer largemouth bass. [Narrator] Dave Terre, chief of Inland Fisheries research and management, says another fish is gaining on largemouth bass. About 20 percent […]

Florida Blacktip Shark Research | JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD

Coming up… Jonathan investigates huge schools of sharks right off the beach in Florida! What are they doing?? Welcome to Jonathan Bird’s Blue World! Every winter, large numbers of sharks gather just off the beach on Florida’s east coast, making headlines around the world and frightening beachgoers out of the water. What are the sharks […]

Shark deterrent research revealed

Over the last three years we’ve been funded by the state government through the Applied Research shark mitigation program it’s allowed us to test existing shark deterrent devices currently on the market to provide the public with some assurance that they actually work the Sharks are adorned with a very sensitive electroreceptors system so the […]

White Shark vs. Orca – Who’s the Top Predator?

[Text on screen] Move over white shark. [Text on screen] There’s another top predator in the ocean. [Text on screen] The orca. [Dr. Sal Jorgensen, PhD] The orca shows up—ALL of these sharks will be gone, within hours. [Text on screen] Sal is a white shark researcher. [Text on screen] He tracks white sharks around […]