Top 6 ‘Catfish’ Who Went After Exes | Ranked: Catfish

– Oh my (bleep) God, dude. – Well? – Hey, babe. I thought you never could love me. – What? Just kinda take us back to whenever it was last year when you got that first message. – She direct messaged me. Normally, direct message mean they want you. – I met my girlfriend via […]

This Dude Really Ghosted His Pregnant GF?? | MTV’s Ghosted

– What’s the problem? – Listen. – Me being gay has nothing to do– – Listen. – …with me being a dad. – It’s not about you being gay– – Then what is it? – It’s not about you being gay. – Then what is it? What is it? – [Narrator] On this episode of […]

Will This Serial Ghoster End His Shady Ways? | MTV’s Ghosted

– This whole thing is goofy. This is stupid. All this for what? Just because I didn’t send you a goodbye text? Like come on! That’s dumb. – So then why did you come? – [Narrator] On this episode of Ghosted, Love Gone Missing. Travis and Rachel go to Brooklyn to help Kayla figure out […]

MTV’s Ghosted: Love Gone Missing | FULL EPISODE Sneak Peek

– [Travis] Have you ever been ghosted? Totally left in the dark by someone you care about? no texts, no DMs, nothing. ♪ I watched you vanish ♪ ♪ Into thin air ♪ I’m Travis Mills. – And I’m Rachel Lindsay, and we know a thing or two about ghosting. I had an ex. He […]

6 ‘Catfish’ Victims $cammed For Money | MTV Ranked

– And there’s been a couple times where I paid their phone bill. I got her a Wii and then I got her a new phone. – [Interviewer] What else have you done? – I gave her my bank information. – [Interviewer] What? – [Ramon] Yeah. – [Interviewer] Dude. – This guy that you’ve been […]

5 ‘Catfish’ Who Conned Their IRL Crush | Ranked: Catfish

– Sorry, you find out from Shana’s friend that she died, and you don’t talk to her for two years. – Two years. – And then all of a sudden she pops up in … – I’m scrolling on Facebook … (dramatic music) Are you kidding me? – How could you, over the course of […]

The 8 Most Heartless ‘Catfish’ EVER 💔 | MTV Ranked

What’s this I hear about you have a boyfriend? Is it true? And what? Yeah, it’s true. And what? So, what about us? It’s nothing with you. This is Ashanti. Ashanti. Okay. You know Chitara, obviously. Yes, I do. How old are you? 18. So, you’re a little younger. Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yes, like … what? […]

6 ‘Catfish’ Who Kept The Con Up For YEARS | Ranked: Catfish

– It’s been 10 years. – Right. – that you’ve been pretending to be someone else. – Yeah. It started off totally as a joke. – Tell us about this girl. – Well, she’s funny, she’S got a real pretty face and stuff. And she’s real caring, and so I love everything about her. – […]

7 Explosive ‘Catfish’ Reveals That Didn’t Go Well | MTV Ranked

– Oh here’s a taxi. – What? Oh (beeping) – [Nev] It’s a taxi, and it is definitely stopping. – Oh (beeping). (suspenseful music) – [Nev] Oh my god, no way. – [Man] Oh my god. – [Max] Whoa. – Oh, he don’t know her. – [Nev] Hey. – [Ricky] Hey how’s it going? – […]

6 ‘Catfish’ Victims Who Straight Up Lied To Nev | MTV Ranked

– Blah, blah, blah. All right, let’s just be honest. Can someone just (bleep) be honest? ‘Cause this is stupid. I just want someone to (bleep) tell me the truth. This is all bull(bleep). – [Max] Why don’t you show us? – The two pictures that I have of her are, this is one. – […]