Aquascaping Lab – Synodontis Petricola “dwarf” catfish description / pesce gatto scheda tecnica

Welcome on Aquascaping Lab channel in this video tutorial we are talking about Synodontis petricola “dwarf” a particular kind of Catfish is a small freshwater fish that comes from Mochokidae family originally from the area of ​​Tanzania in Africa Malawi Lake, the Sahara desert and Rift valley area This fish dont grow very much therefore […]

An evening hunt for Largemouth Bass with Uncle Catfish

So, we just casted the Deeper Smart Sonar out. Actually, casted it out on this nice lightweight rod. Got some pretty lightweight braid on it, compared to what I normally use. And already reading it’s at 20.6 feet. And right exactly where it’s at, right now there’s not a whole lot of action going on. […]

Catfish — Movie Review #JPMN

Before I begin, I should mention that Catfish is a film perhaps best explored without absolutely zero knowledge about its plot. But, if you’ve already heard something about it, or had the ending spoiled for you – it doesn’t diminish from its impact or effectiveness anyway. Either way, I will do my best to avoid […]

Marvel Legends EEL 6 Inch Action Figure Review

This is Eel back of the card this is a Marvel Legends review on the Eel he’s an obscure villain usually fights Daredevil or Iron Man other Avengers at times usually works in a team this is basically the Blizzard mold and it was like a simple repaint Hasbro and he uses the hands from […]

Aquascaping Lab – Corydoras Fish Armored Catfish description / Pesce pulitore Corazzato descrizione

Welcome on Aquascaping Lab channel in this video tutorial we are talking about Corydoras Fish commonly called armored catfish It ‘a freshwater fish and is derived from the Callichthyidae family comes from South America such as Brazil Colombia and Argentina This catfish is a small bottom fish has a stocky body, compressed at the sides […]

Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away Review and Test

Hey there Logdog321, and today we are going to be reviewing The Shark Navigator Lift Away Rotator Profesional Vacuum Uhh, as I said before in the unboxing that is a very long name and uhh, I’ve done a couple tests with it and I would say that this is the best Shark Navigator i’ve ever […]

Amazing River Fossil hunting trip March 2016 with Mosasaur Shark Mastadon

hello YOUTUBE! We are here at the river going to go fossil hunting see what we can find. And I was expecting the water to be flowing and it’s moving pretty good right over there but it’s not moving is not as high as when I thought it was so it’ll be pretty easy I’ve […]

Essential Aquarium Gear: Battery Air Pump

This week I’m going to show you a piece of equipment that every aquarist should have on hand. That’s coming up. Hey everyone. Steve Poland here, And one of the nightmare scenarios for aquarium hobbyists is a power outage. Filters, heaters, and air pumps are the three most important pieces of equipment that keep an […]


Hello friends and not yet friends, Welcome back to another What I Ate Wednesday here on Mary’s Test Kitchen, the trying to be weekly show where share all my tasty vegan eats and everyday recipes. I’m so happy that this week’s show is being sponsored by my new favourite online store, Thrive Market. I’ll tell […]

Samsung Galaxy S 3 in a fish tank

Hello, I’d Danny. Today is 1st of July This is the fish tank full of overheated fishes due to this hot summer day. That’s why I decided to entertain the fishes with the huge display of the extraordinary Samsung Galaxy S 3 as we film and broadcast at the same time while the fishes are […]