Out for Rainbow Trout: Green Timbers

Aight, weather cleared up. Heading to a different spot. I think they’re concentrated into a small enclave right over here. So I’m gonna try and head in cause I got waders on.


Let’s get ready to rumble!!! Whoo!!! Hello everybody and welcome to Streamline Adventures! Today we are going into North Georgia to the Soque River… mmm… Coffee is good! I have my fishing guide Princess Rainbow.. see her back there She got that name because she’ll take you to the rainbows She’ll take you to the […]

Fishing for Trout at Lake Chabot’s Raccoon Point Dock

it don’t really like that that’s a hit yeah yeah this thing takes a little worth someone said fitted you get a bike nigga nice dude he’s fighting though was that a car bait nice dude nice crew oh yeah it is it is different about extra socks so use socks man socks work I […]

New Hampshire FIRST ICE – Big Brook Trout

All right, we got the maiden voyage of the new auger setup got a Ryobi hammer drill on it and it’s the clam plate with a just Walmart brand, I think it’s HT, 8 inch drill bit, so we’ll give it a go. That on one and then that way. (Yeah I moved that.) I […]

(Ghetto Gourmet) Baked Sole Fish & Squash 2017 | Free Style Recipes

You know what time it is let’s get it done got a quick bake swirl with fresh veggies all right first things first let’s get the squash chopped up into life a half inch circles we can lay our fish right on the top alrighty let’s get on to the next step I have no […]