Fall fish fest! Fly fishing for hungry trout on the Colorado River

good morning everyone welcome back to my channel what my lens sees always happy to have you here of course today we’re up on the upper Colorado … my favorite spot, as of right now anyways getting an early start … full moon over there … sun is gonna come up over in that direction […]

Singara Fish Hunting|| Freshwater Catfish Hunting|| Amazing Fishing video||Catfish hunting

اسلام علیکم امید ہے آپ سب ٹھیک ہونگے پیارے بھاہیو سبسکرائب بھی کر لیں اگر پہلے نہیں کیا تو

Fishing for big Catfish

We are sitting in a fully packed car… …we are going to fish for catfish for the second time… …this time the focus will be to fish more drifting with the clonk, we didn’t do it that much last time. We are going to fish die-hard and try to catch as many fish as possible! […]

First Fishing Video! Fishing for Trout

What’s up guys! I’m so excited today! It’s a beautiful day and getting to do my first fishing video! A couple days ago they restocked some trout in this river close to my home and so I’ve only caught one trout in my life. I am hopefully gonna be able to change that and be […]

Trout Fishing in Current River (Jason) (watch with subtitles on)

in this episode of blue collar anglers I’m going to be fishing in Montauk State Park in current River in Missouri NOT Tennessee and I’m going to be fishing for rainbow trout most of the time I used salmon eggs and part of the time I used a small white jig both worked fairly well […]

Trout & Steelhead | How To Locate & Catch Them In A River

[Music] Jeff blood is an experienced nymph fisherman who loves to angle for steelhead in the tributaries of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. He’s also the creator of some unique products for Gamma Technologies – makers of Frog Hair Products. One of these products is strike indicators. We joined Jeff on a Pennsylvania River where […]

Small Stream – Small Trout

There There he is He’s moving. Look. What did he do? Did he take something? Good question. He didn’t take anything on the surface. No. It’s low and clear water, and it’s hot. Ain’t gonna be easy. There is a wave up there He’s coming closer. Be still. He took it. He swam all the […]

SURPRISE CATCH while River Fishing for Bass, Catfish and Gar River Fishing TIPS

Hey. It’s me, Luke here. We’re at the Trinity River. We’re going to cast net some shad and do some bottom fishing for bass, crappie gar, catfish, just about anything we catch. And let’s get into it. Yeah. Right there, there’s a big water snake. I think it’s a yellow bellied water snake. I don’t […]

Fishing Minute Tip: My Favorite Trout Setup

Hey there! You have closed captions on! As you may have noticed already, I verify and do random comments through all my videos Hope you enjoy these random “easter eggs.” 🙂 Did you know the F5 is for Family, Fitness, Firearms, Finances, and Fun!? Me neither….wait…. Hey guys! Hope you’re doing well! Welcome to another […]

Big Trout Drama

Did you see it? No There. Good There. No There. Yes He’s on the other side of the islet This is not easy He’s still on This is a nice trout Look, he’s coming up again This is not a small fish He’s going back up to the pool This is sick. I have to […]