Rising Trout

Look at it He’s eating like crazy

Trout Lures For Norway | Rapala® (English Captions)

Trout fishing is what gives us that extra kick when it comes to fishing. Trying to read the rivers, pinpointing the hot spots for really big trout. That’s what truly gives us that adrenaline rush. Over the years this has developed into our true passion, catching really big trophy trout. That’s what pushes us forward. […]

A Low Pressure Caused a Texas Rainbow Trout Feeding Frenzy While Fishing the Guadalupe River 4K

first cast in shelby’s spot I caught a fish I don’t have my net ready oh it is a good one oh he came off he got off I was trying to get the net out dang it so I’m back out here on the Guadalupe again trying to catch up some rainbow trout so […]

Restoring the Trout Stream

It’s bigger than I thought It’s strong Nice fish They are really strong Oh, it’s beautiful Fantastic

Teaser – Dry Fly Sea Trout Fishing In Rivers – Fly Fishing In Denmark

Hi, my name is Michael. – And I am Oliver. Today we’re out fishing with dry flies, in some small danish rivers. It’s late season, and there should be a good amount of fish in the river, so we hope for some action! So if you’re into dry fly fishing, check this out!

The Wrong Trout

So you haven’t seen it for a while? No but he was going upstream and he was rising a couple of times. Let’s sit down and wait for a minute What else could one ask for. No wind and rising trout There’s a lot of fish in the river Crazy much That’s a nice fish […]

Bow River Trout – Fish Tales Fly Shop

(majestic music) – That’s it. Give him the header. – [Colin] He’s got some pink to him. Just beautiful. Welcome everybody to The New Fly Fisher. I’m your host Colin McKeown. In today’s show, we’re in beautiful Alberta. In fact the Bow River’s right behind me, one of the top trout rivers in North America. […]

River trout fishing with a spinning. Uncut Fishing #1

Ok! Hello guys, dear friends, ladies and gentlemen. As you can see I’m in the middle of wilderness. And right below over there is the river. It’s invisible at the moment but it is there. And that’s where I am going. A few words about what I’m going to shoot. I’m going to shoot fishing […]

Trout Heaven II

There he is again. There he is… Looks as if he… Oops, there he is again That’s not a bad fish. He feels pretty strong I’m getting tired Now you’ve got the leader above the surface at least Look at this one. Yeah, really nice. Around a kilo at least. Absolutely. He was strong. Yeah, […]