When Electric Eels Attack

From its ability to produce electricity to a number of people who’ve suffered its powerful shock, this is what happens when electric eels attack. Today’s video was requested by Crazy Wright. If you have any other topics you’d like to learn about, subscribe and let us know in the comments section below. Number 5 Kenneth […]

Trout fishing on the Tongariro River – Roadside Stories

[Archival audio: reporter] What size has he got? [Fishing guide] Oh we’ll we’ll weigh him, mate. He’s four-and-a-half or five. Now then, draw him, that’s right… Beach him, beach him on this shallow, on this shelving bit. Beach him. Go right back. [Water splashing] Oops, right, that’s right, that’s right, he’s done now. Those last […]

Trout Fishing Kings River CA (upper)

I threw to the wrong spot then, thats why earlier I felt a bite too but…. His probably not big got only the smalls his probably not big ogm, mine is pulling amazingly come here fool oh don’t come tangle me Yingska, yours is so small, hurry it up, man! yours is so small, why […]

Trout Fishing in Bishop, Ca with GoPro HERO3+ HD 1080

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Big brown trout fly fishing in Iceland with Rodtrip (Iceland part 2 – “Fifty-five+ river”)

We finally arrive at the bank of the river we’d most looked forward to. Yet again we don’t have any luck, as the water has turned completely green.. Why is it coloured like that ? Because of an algae plage in the upstream lake that feeds this river, caused by the unusual high temperature these […]

Fly Fishing – Catching Rainbow and Brown Trout in Pennsylvania 2019 – Small Stream Fishing Action

Iwi undertakes project to save eel fisheries from polluted waterways

Lower North Island iwi Rangitane are leading a project to save their eel fisheries in their region. But there’s a major impediment to the plan. The iwi is concerned at the slow progress towards cleaning up pollution in waterways such as the Manawatu River. Roihana Nuri with this report. The turbulent Manawatu River swiftly flows […]

Catfish Monster VS small casting reel – HD by Catfishing World