Who Can Catch the BIGGEST FISH in 30 Mins?!

SAGE Trout LL Fliegenrute – Produktvorstellung

Hi and welcome at Rudi Heger Fly Fishing. My name is Ralf and today I want to show you the newest innovation from Sage. For 2020 Sage has brought the new Sage Trout LL to the marked. It is a wonderful fly rod for the trout and grayling fishing. And for many of those who […]

Coupe With An Attitude – Thomas Gill Jr.’s 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe

Now you want to hear it run? Yeah let’s hear it run! It’s very responsive, it’s got a little attitude to it. Well it’s a 1966 Mustang Coupe Pro Street car. It’s a long standing member of the family, it used to be my mother’s car, I purchased it from my dad about 15 years […]

Modern Human Migration and Echolocating Eels

There’s something that’s been puzzling scientists for a while. We knew that modern humans originally came from Africa about 200,000 years ago, but… we didn’t really know when we left. According a paper published this week in Nature, teeth found in Fuyan Cave in the Hunan Province of China puts prehistoric modern humans, or homo […]

$25 Walmart Trout Fishing Challenge. (BAD ENDING)

what’s going on guys Zach here from crawfishing and today we’re headed to Walmart we’re gonna do the 25 dollar Walmart trout fishing challenge I got my little buddy Goldie following along with me let’s go and buy the products I’ll show you exactly what I buy stay tuned and let’s see what we get […]

Fly Fishing – Catching Rainbow and Brown Trout in Pennsylvania 2019 – Small Stream Fishing Action

Segment 6: How to Cast – How to Fish for Trout in Oregon

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife presents “How to fish for trout in Oregon.” Casting your bait or lure into the water can become a bit tricky. What we’re gonna do in this segment is teach you how to cast both a push button reel as well as a spinning reel. Let’s start first […]

How to grill catfish over the fire

Hi everybody and welcome to another episode of Great Cove Adventure Films. Today I’m going to give you a video demonstration of the method I use to grill catfish over the fire. For a long time my favorite way to enjoy catfish was battered and deep-fried, but once I tried grilling catfish over the fire, […]

How to Tie a Sliding Sinker (Carolina) Rig for Catfish

There’s lots of different rigs you can use for catching catfish but one of the ones that is most popular with angles, and also one of the easiest is the sliding sinker rig and that’s the one I use most often when I fish for channel catfish. So I’m gonna take a few moments today […]

How to safely pick up a catfish

The first time you pull in one of these catfish you’re probably wondering how you should pick it up without getting hurt. You’ve probably heard of people getting jabbed or stung by catfish. The first thing you need to know is that these whiskers here are harmless that’s what the catfish uses for smelling and […]