best saltwater fish food: rod’s food: frozen fish food

saltwater fish food feeding saltwater fish Rod’s Food The Best frozen fish food. All natural. Made in the USA Rod’s Food is made from all natural ingredients. The same quality served in Fish restaurants for humans. I use Rod’s Food original blend and Herbivore blend All the fish go nuts at feeding time I feed […]

blue tang is breathing fast, hiding and not eating, laying on her side.

today I am talking about the blue tang and marine velvet, a fatal parasite. blue tang fish play dead a lot fish not moving or not eating or hiding under or behind rock is not a good sign. powder white on saltwater fish or loss of color, resulting in white, is a bad sign and […]

canister filter setup in saltwater aquarium : rotter tube reef

you need to clean your canister filter out often, once a week, to remove the waste it collects! nitrate is the last stage of the biological cycle. nitrates are bad. they will collect in your filter’s media. it needs to be cleaned often! the beneficial bacteria lives on your rock, in your sand, on the […]

filter sock filtration no longer needed! saltwater aquarium filter – rotter tube

everybody welcome to another edition of rotter tube with your host Steve today mechanical filtration in your saltwater aquarium. sump socks are good at capturing nasty stuff from your aquarium but they are a pain to clean! It is recommended you buy 12 sump socks and swap them out every few days. Wash in washing […]

crystal clear aquarium water – saltwater aquarium – rotter tube reef

125 gallon saltwater aquarium 6 feet long the water flows over the top of a reef ready saltwater aquarium and down into your sump, which is the smaller aquarium underneath, for filtering. water flows through the grates and into this overflow, where it empties into the sump via tubing or pvc pipe, below, for filtering. […]

lower nitrates with table sugar in saltwater aquarium : rotter tube reef

sugar dosing to lower nitrates in your reef tank aquarium nitrate control in your aquarium using table sugar or vodka use either sugar or vodka, not both. sugar is cheaper so I will use that. fish waste or uneaten food results in nitrates, which need to be removed from your tank dosing sugar feeds the […]

lower nitrates in saltwater aquarium: awesome sandbed vacuum technique: vacuum forever

keeping your nitrates down in your reef tank aquarium Do not overfeed your fish I’m going to show you a better way to vacuum your aquarium sand bed that will really lower nitrates Don’t overstock your aquarium with too many fish. This will cause more fish waste, which will increase the nitrates! Also make sure […]

6 clown fish in one aquarium : rotter tube reef

this is my 10 gallon quarantine tank for quarantining new or sick smaller saltwater fish the clowns were in the jbj 45 aquarium two aquariums are a real hassle and takes the fun out of the hobby for most people. water changes, vacuum sand, test the water, feed the fish, dose if you need to, […]