EXTRACT | ALBERT HERRING ‘Well tried, Albert’ Britten – Royal College of Music

Er… er… Thank you. Very much. Ooh! Albert! Bit short, wasn’t it? That didn’t take long! Try again! Better luck next time! Short and sweet! He’s scared poor Albert! Well tried, Albert! We understand… That modest phrase betrays a heart too full to prate or boast. Now lift your glasses, everyone, and join me in […]

EXTRACT | ALBERT HERRING ‘Shop! Hi! Albert!’ Britten – Royal College of Music

Shop! Hi! Albert! There you are! Just caught young Harry pinching things. How d’you carry a weight like that alone? Cor…must be twenty stone or more! – It’s a hundredweight of turnips. – I see! Strong man act! – Can I have three boxes of mixed herbs, please, chum? – Yes. – Got any sage? […]