Can a Fish Farm Be “Green”? | The Fish on My Plate | FRONTLINE

I first met Steve Damato about eight years ago, and he sort of struck me as this kind of funky hippy food dude, but he’s also a businessman. Everyone talks in the environmental movement about the triple bottom line. In other words, you want to have a business that’s economically sustainable, socially sustainable, and environmentally […]

What You Should Know Before Taking Another Bite Of Salmon

From restaurants to wildlife to culture, salmon is a surprising superstar. Along with salmon’s popularity, however, is quite a bit of confusion, which isn’t surprising, considering the multiple varieties, health claims, and concerns about seafood sustainability that plague salmon eaters. It’s no secret that salmon is good for you, but there’s a catch: If it’s […]

The Difference You Never Knew About Farmed Vs. Wild Salmon

If you eat fish on the regular, there’s a high likelihood salmon is a favorite. In fact, the popularity of salmon is only surpassed by canned tuna and shrimp. But are the salmon you’re eating farmed or wild — and does it even matter? You bet it does, but maybe not the way you thought. […]