FLY TV – Salmon Fishing with Two-Handed Rods (German Subtitles)

I am Antti Guttorm. Today, we are doing this: We are in northern Norway, by the Lakselva River. We did an episode with salmon fishing last year. We are back to fish with two-handed rods. We are fishing for fresh fish in July. The season has been a bit strange. It is late and the […]

Salmon Plunking Rig: How to Plunk for Salmon. Oregon Salmon Fishing Setup

Hello Everybody! This is Fishthatwontquit! Today I want to show you my plunking setup that I used for spring chinook. A very simple method but also can be very effective! So, let’s get started. This rig is nice because what you’re basically doing is throwing a honking piece of lead out into the river and […]

Ultimate Labrador Salmon | Flowers River

Trout & Salmon Fishing Apostle Islands Lake Superior / BIG FISH

– All right team, charge! ♪ Take me out on the water♪ – [Larry] We eat fishing. ♪ Way out in the woods ♪ Where the breathin’ is easy the livin’ is good♪ – [Larry] All you can do is just laugh. ♪ Out in the great outdoors♪ – [Voiceover] Larry Smith Outdoors is brought […]

River Brook Trout & Landlocked Salmon

welcome everyone to the new fly Fisher I’m your host Bill Spicer on this episode we’re in western Labrador guests of Paul hasta gay at Mackenzie River Lodge our species for this week brook trout giant eastern brook trout measured in pounds not inches we’re going to use a number of different techniques for these […]

Ice Fishing Brook Trout & How to Survive a Night in the Wilderness | Cast Northwest | Episode 6

(Music) If you are what you eat than most of us in North America are hamburgers. Walking talking, texting, driving, flying hamburgers but some of us are wild because we eat wild food. Foraged, hunted, grown and harvesting, food from the land, food that we are connected to, healthy food provided to us by our […]

What You Should Know Before Taking Another Bite Of Salmon

From restaurants to wildlife to culture, salmon is a surprising superstar. Along with salmon’s popularity, however, is quite a bit of confusion, which isn’t surprising, considering the multiple varieties, health claims, and concerns about seafood sustainability that plague salmon eaters. It’s no secret that salmon is good for you, but there’s a catch: If it’s […]

FLY TV – Fly Fishing Big Salmon in Norway (German Subtitles)

My name is Antti Guttorm. Today we are doing this: I just arrived here by the river in Finnmark in northern Norway. I have been fishing the biggest river in the region, the Tana river. It is the border between Finland and Norway. My father’s family is from that region, so I have been fishing […]