Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats | Omega 3-6 Supplement for Pets by Pupplements

they’re family you love them you care for them and you want only the best for them but are they getting the best the best nutrition the problem is that most pet diets lack essential omega-3 and 6 fatty acids these are important and needed to support growth maintenance and longevity Purity Pupplements omega-3 and […]

Sustainable Fish Oil Supplement | Why Wild Alaskan Salmon Makes a Difference | Wholemega™

Did you know that most commercial fish oils don’t put sustainability first? Destructive fishing methods include bottom trawling, over harvesting, and wasted catch up to 50%. New Chapter’s Wholemega is different, and contains only 100% wild salmon from Alaska where sustainable fishing practices are the law. Alaskan salmon is never over fished. Period. As a […]

Fish oil to fight depression

Dr. Lanctot: I’m Dr. Krista Lanctot, and I’m a senior scientist here at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, and I’m a scientist in the Brain Sciences Research Program. We know that 47% of the people who have coronary artery disease will actually develop depressive disorders. What we don’t understand is some of the reasons why that […]