Tight lines in Lapland The trip has finally begun and the weather has been nice so far Good paddling! Should we go left or right? Let’s go from the middle! I guess we were a bit wrong with the flood forecast The spring flood might be gone on this river section Plan B! I had […]

Salmon, Steelhead, Bull Trout Streams Forest Practices Act Rules: Introduction

Hello and welcome to the Oregon Department of Forestry! In this video we’re going to talk about the Oregon Forest Practices Act rules for salmon steelhead and bull trout stream protections. So, these SSBT stream rules apply to the area west of the Cascades and north of the Siskiyou region. Protecting fish and clean water […]

Angling for Herring in Randers Fjord – Status, Spring 2016/ Djursland/ Denmark

Randers Fjord in Denmark, April 25th. Fishing for Herring by Voer, Kanaløen (the channel island) One of the classical herring spots in Randers Fjord. It should be right in the middle of the season now, from the middle of April and the next one and a half months, but I haven’t really heard anything on […]

Жареные головы лосося | ENG SUB.

Hello everyone, welcome to my channel today I’m cooking grilled salmon heads the heads can be any salmon fish how do they differ from other species of fish differ in that in the head of the salmon are mainly cartilage this recipe was shared with me on a fishing trip in Magadan the local Ranger […]

Rod-Fishing Herring in Randers Fjord/ Denmark

Herring and Randers Fjord (Denmark) what do you say about that? It’s a crowd-puller, without comparison, when the herring come in to Randers Fjord to spawn, When is that? It’s in April. March – April, depending on the water temperature. Herring prefer not to spawn before the water temperature is around 11 degrees centigrade. Here […]

Fishing Denmark/ Herring/ Randers Fjord/ Djursland

We are on the way down to, Voer, Randers Fjord, in Denmark, to see if there are any herring to be caught. Just rround the corner is the Fjord Center, a visiting center where one can hire a boat, and where there are exhibitions about the Fjord. Amongst other things. I have been here today […]

Facts: The Herring

A number of different species of forage fish are referred to as herring The most abundant is the Atlantic herring Herring are found worldwide in tropical and temperate ocean waters. Some species can even enter freshwater rivers. They travel together in large schools. Herring feed on plankton at night in upwelling zones, after spending the […]

An Introduction to Trout Spey – Highlighting Sage Pulse, Redington Hydrogen, & Rio Trout Spey Lines