quarantine aquarium : hospital tank for sick fish and new fish

Why you need a quarantine tank for your salt water aquarium. You need patience in the salt water aquarium hobby and a quarantine tank can test your patience if you have never had one because it forces you to wait it out before placing new or sick fish in your salt water aquarium. A smaller […]


with a flashlight we could actually see what’s going on inside oh my can you see this so last week we came to my local fish store to pick up my fish order we got that lion fish as well as smoked snowflake eel both are doing fantastic but we also mentioned a secret fish […]

NEW FISH in the saltwater aquarium!

This guy’s hilarious look he sure wants out he wants in the tank He just sensed it this guy’s been trying to jump out of the bag the whole time Okay, so in the last video you guys will recall me setting up the saltwater aquarium Which is now up and running now of course […]

DIY saltwater aquarium sump filter | The King of DIY

New sump I built for the saltwater aquarium. Let me explain why? Before I show you guys how I built that sup just a quick announcement. Okay, so I actually have two things I want to mention one from June 23rd to the 24th reef of Blues in New York is back in town I’m […]

FINALLY! I set up the saltwater aquarium!!

Today we finally set up my saltwater aquarium but before we do so i have some really exciting news I need to tell you about Reefstock, the official reef builders marine aquarium conference is held in Denver, Colorado on the 25th and 26th of this month. Just three weeks away from now But why am […]

New saltwater aquarium SET UP | The King of DIY

Oh That was risky business. I know the tank looks really yellow and stuff It’s actually because I’m just using a temporary light to light the tank But I think I upset somebody and somebody else is hungry. All right, guys your new home is ready today We’re moving out the lionfish as well as […]