Do Corals Need to Eat? | Aquarium Care

Corals are animals, and they do need to eat. Thankfully, they are largely photosynthetic, so they derive a lot of food that they require directly from the strong lights that we put on our aquarium. The algae that lives in the tissue of photosynthetic corals produces the sugars and carbohydrates that corals need. However, that […]

FAQ #28: Can I keep multiple tangs in the same aquarium?

Today on the BRSTV 52 faq we are talking success with multiple tangs in the reef tank Hi I’m RT your host of the BRS 52 FAQ where we answer all of your most popular questions on reefing. This week we are answering Steven songers’ question, I didn’t think you could have 2 purple tangs […]

FAQ #3: To drill a 40 breeder aquarium, what overflow, bulkheads, and hole saws do I need? | 52 FAQ

Today on BRStv we are breaking out the drill! Hi, I’m RT, one of your hosts of BRStv, with another episode of 52FAQs, where each week we answer your questions from our popular 52 Weeks of Reefing series. Today we are answering Sociophobian’s question from Week 5: If I am to drill a 40 gallon […]

I’m setting up a SALTWATER aquarium!!

I am setting up a saltwater aquarium. Yes, you heard that right! If you guys remember a few months ago I did an unboxing video on the reef crest 35 all in one aquarium. So if you’re not familiar with this tank Or what I’m about to show you or if you didn’t see the […]

Cool Aquarium Products You May Not Know About, But Should! – VOLUME 1

Hello Folks, Robert from Marine Depot here and thanks for watching. Keeping a fish tank definitely takes some effort, especially if you want to create something that is worthy of discussion among your friends and family. Thankfully, here at Marine Depot we carry a huge variety of products specifically designed to make your aquarium keeping […]

FAQ #33: How do nitrates affect coral coloration in the reef aquarium?

today on BRSTV we are talking brown corals. Hi I’m RT turner your host of 52 FAW where each week we answer your questions related to reefing. This week we are answering aquaticnut86’s question “How and or why do higher levels of nitrate turn your corals brown? “ Today we are going to answer that […]

Using Filter Socks in Your Reef Tank – EP 4: Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

Today on BRStv we are going to discuss filter socks and the reef tank. Hi, I’m Ryan host of BRStv where each week we cover a new topic related to reefing. This week we are going to hit on filter socks. We will talk about why reefers use them, why some reefers don’t and how […]

NEW NANO Saltwater Aquarium | Setting Up My Reef Tank

Aquariums take a lot of dedication, and fish should not be thought of as disposable pets. Please don’t rely solely on my information or replicating my methods or setup. If you’re considering starting an aquarium, please consult a professional at an aquatic store, and consider joining online aquatics forums where you can ask questions and […]

Aquarium powerheads, testing how much water flow for a reef tank | BRStv Investigates

(soft music) – Today on BRSTV we’re puttin’ powerheads to the test. (upbeat music) Hey, I’m Ryan with BRSTV Investigates, where each week we put common reefing gear and concepts to the test, and then rate them on a scale of reef fantasy to reef certainty. Our goal is to add some data to the […]

Help Heavy-Breathing Fish Who Won’t Eat | Aquarium Care

If your fish are breathing heavy and not eating, there’s something going on, either the fish are sick or the water is not good. Maybe one of the parameters has slipped out of range, it could be the temperature, ammonia, nitrite, pH, anything of those things will cause stress on the environment and cause the […]