Using an EGG to catch fish?

Yeah, so this is the egg It’s about 2 ounces right here so I can cast a little fly out really far My friend Soloman actually showed me this egg I – I actually ordered it the other day knowing I’m gonna come here and target some striped bass and stuff You basically just hook […]

Fishing a “Restricted” Canal for Speckled Trout

what’s up everybody it’s about four o’clock in the afternoon today we were going after a big big sea trout… just kidding honestly I’ll take anything that’s bitting, the last couple of days I’ve gone out on the Indian River I have been completely skunked so anything ex cept for a possibly catfish my arch-nemesis […]

Kayak Fishing: Rough Waters for Speckled Trout

It’s a little choppy out here. Strong current. Let’s see if we can’t catch something still though..>>Music Starts

8 best baits for speckled trout right now

Alright, I’m often asked, “What are your favorite baits? What lures do you like to use to catch speckled trout?” And, of course, that changes by the season. But really, a more important question is, “Where do you like to find speckled trout?” Because, think about it: You could use the exact right lure in […]

Massive Kob Catch & Release, Sand shark Salad [Catch Clean Cook] South Africa

What was your biggest one before today, 88 centimeters? Yes. 88. Here’s another one on here. Okay. Go, go, go! Wait, wait, wait… Go, go, go, go! Come, come! Wow, it’s a beautiful fish. Back in the water. Does it feel better yet? He hasn’t really started to.. He will. He won’t be able to […]

Kayak Fishing Tips: How to Remove a Hook/Lure if a Fish Swallows it

>>Music starts What’s up everybody, I wanted to share a small clip with ya’ll on how to safely remove a hook or lure if a fish swallows it. here I have a speckle trout who decided to go ahead and swallow my soft plastic, you know the only color that was hitting that day, so […]

Recommended Fishing RODS & REELS – Socal Arsenal

hey guys Ali Hussainy here from BD outdoors and local knowledge as a new thing that we’re doing with local knowledge and on BD is we’re gonna start talking about more about the gear that we use in these short web videos my first thought was one of the most common questions we get is […]

How to Bait a Fish Hook | Saltwater Fishing

“Hi, my name is Captain Layne Wagner of Hawk One Charters. I’ve been a captain for over 40 years. I’ve fished all over the world and now I’m up here in Long Island, New York. You can find me online at Hawk One Charters, I’ll be talking to you today about saltwater fishing. Okay, […]

Surf Fishing Guide for Bull Red Drum | How To Catch Redfish – Surf fishing Tips for Redfish

this is my favorite time of the year the bull redfish are moving in close and closer to the beach they’re going to be at the piers the jetties the passes honestly this is the best time of the year to catch a trophy bull wether it be a 40 inch or 45 or even […]

How to Measure a Fish

Today, we’re learning how to measure a fish. Measuring fish is important not only for your records but to make that you are following state size limits. When we measure fish in Florida, we use either the fork length or the total length of the fish. You can use a device such as a rigid […]