DEALING WITH ICH (Common Parasite in Fish Tanks)

Taylor, why is your fish tank turned off? Because it’s too loud to film with it on Taylor! Why does your tank look like an actual disaster? Because I tore it down Taylor, where are your Fish? Where is Cheese?! He’s in the other room safe and sound do not Worry about him he is […]

How to Clean a Fish!

[MUSIC] Alright before we get started here I want to just show you a little bit about what we’ve got here. We’re going to start with the brim. Brim you can fillet out if you get a big enough one. Brim, when I say brim I mean any of your sunfish family. Most people around […]

How to Fillet Fish : Remove the Stomach of a Fish

Hi, this is Bruce Marnie again for Expert Village. Now that we have two nice fillets from the fish we’re going to show you how to prepare them for cooking. So now that we have both fillets roughly removed from the fish we’re going to trim the fillets up and prepare them for cooking. Specifically […]

Why Fish Can Drink Salt Water And We Can’t

Salt is everywhere on our planet, but some animals evolved to live in it while, others didn’t; what happened there? What caused this split? Sup salty dogs, thanks for watching DNews, I’m Trace. Water is everywhere and is one of the main reasons life was able to evolve on Earth. It’s pretty great. Salt is […]

How To Maintain Saltwater Aquarium – Weekly maintenance on a 100g saltwater fish reef tank

today we’re going to talk about how to maintain a saltwater aquarium Devin with ReefDudes and today I’m going to take you through my weekly maintenance and show you guys how to properly maintain your new saltwater aquarium one of the first things I do is start by refilling my auto top off now you […]

How to Measure a Fish

Today, we’re learning how to measure a fish. Measuring fish is important not only for your records but to make that you are following state size limits. When we measure fish in Florida, we use either the fork length or the total length of the fish. You can use a device such as a rigid […]

Newport Aquarium: Fish, OCTOPUS , MASSIVE Aquarium Design Ideas

(upbeat music) What’s up fish tank people, Dustin’s Fish Tanks bringing it to you on a Sunday, baby. How’s everybody doing? I hope you’re doing well. In today’s video, gonna give you a little bit of update on what’s been going on with yours truly and my team and the Newport Aquarium. Back up a […]

FINALLY! I set up the saltwater aquarium!!

Today we finally set up my saltwater aquarium but before we do so i have some really exciting news I need to tell you about Reefstock, the official reef builders marine aquarium conference is held in Denver, Colorado on the 25th and 26th of this month. Just three weeks away from now But why am […]

AMAZING aquarium fish store tour!!

So today, I’m here in Orlando Florida for a few days and I’m bringing you guys along with me for the ride while in Orlando I did a number of things I toured a local fish store called worldwide corals as well as got it behind the scenes look at their coral farm I went […]

How to Tie a Fish-Finder Rig

Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about one of the most commonly used rigs for putting bait on the bottom. This is used in freshwater, its used in saltwater, shallow-water, deep-water, it’s very universal. It is called a slip-lead rig, some people call it a fish-finder rig. The concept is, you want to […]