Stop Exposing Rohit Khatri and Tarun Gill [The Great Indian Fitness Show]

To make money in the fitness Industry, is it a must to make a fool out of people!

Reggae Shark “Chomp Dat” ft. Nicki Minaj

[Nicki backing up her butt] [laughs] I’m just kidding. Wah gwaan, Nicki? (Translation: What’s up, Nicki?) Agua whatty? Me appreciate you not bringing your whole entourage with you. Oh… I see. So you just wanted us to be by ourselves today. Yeah, man. ‘Cause me fear that the creative process can get stifled if there’s […]

Shark Exorcist (2015) – The Search For The Worst – IHE

I *hate* this movie. This is the worst film I’ve ever seen. No hyperbole, Shark Exorcist is actually the most terrible piece of shit in this series so far. I am truly baffled at the filmmaker’s ability to blow all expectations of God-awful, pathetically lazy filmmaking out of the shark-infested water. [“Whatever.”] An utter failure […]

Jurassic Shark – The Search For The Worst – IHE

What is the worst movie you’ve ever seen? No, I’m not talking about this movie, or that movie, I mean a movie so bad, so fundamentally broken, that it leaves a pit in your stomach, or makes you feel frustrated and angry beyond any reasonable measure. This is a question I’ve been asking myself for […]

I Catfished My Daughter…

“I took a couple of days and we made a profile that I think Mariah is really going to connect with.” “Are you guys ready to meet this entirely fake person that we’ve created out of nothing?” Lisa, Mark, I want you guys to meet Mason Williams. He’s Mariah’s age. He dresses very.. kind of […]

Parks with the Fish

This wasn’t my fault. Indirectly, you might argue I had something to do with it but it – was – not – my – fault! This colony of savage hippies I ran into – they’re the ones who started it! Watch it, you little puta! You asshole! Now I don’t want to come off like […]

(Meme Edition) You LAUGH You LOSE YLYL #0042

*clap clap* Skrattar du, Förlorar du Maaannneeeeeeen Skratta- The next one that claims my video- (mfw T-Series overthrows pewds) That- Remember the rules, there are three of them: you laugh, you loose. Okay? But I get three lives- *laughs* I dunno what that was Remember the rules, it’s very important. Also, hit the bell button […]