Tsukiji food street market!! So many restaurant even the fish market has been closed!! #147

I got a sake flavor Ice-cream Hey guys, welcome to Rion’s TV. I’m Rion!! Today, I’m at Tsukiji market. Well, I heard the news that this Tsukiji market is already kind of closing down, but As you see, still there are so many restaurants and the travelers from I think all over the world Well […]

도쿄 츠키지 시장에가면 무엇을 먹어야 할까요? Things you have to eat at Tsukiji fish market, Tokyo (築地市場)

#Tsukiji Fish Market Odoro (prime belly meat) Judoro (mid belly meat) Akami (back meat) Looking around the market These are salmon roe. Salmon? Salmon roe is usually used as toppings for rice. #A staple of Tsukiji fish market, tuna Scallops 1,000 yen=500 yen x 2 They’re expensive, but also really big It’s delicious. Mmm… Because […]