The Unusual Australian Shark Arm Murders

“Catfish” | /r/nosleep Horror Narration

The message popped up on my screen. Sure, it was a risky message to send in the first place, but… ‘Fortune favors the brave’, I thought to myself. I hit send… and wait. A smile creeps across my face, as my time spent messaging “SkilletFan94” was finally paying off. I know how to wind her […]

Scary Flying Shark | Kids Halloween Songs + More Nursery Rhymes | baby shark

Scary Flying Shark


Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome back to Depth. Now, I’ve calmed down a bit. I have, stepped back from my bitchous nature and I have reassumed my own bravery. Those were all fancy words to mean absolutely dick because I didn’t do none of those things, I’m just saying that I feel […]

A Shark Expert Reviews Shark Movies

– I didn’t even make it through Sharknado, I’m sorry. I can’t even, I can’t even discuss that. (orchestral music) Hi, my name is Gill McAndrew, and I’m a shark dive tender here at the Long Island Aquarium. And I’m here to review the accuracy of five classic shark movies. Alright, Jaws was, well of […]

“I Was Attacked By A Shark”

I’ve been asked time and again, “What was it like…when it had its teeth around you?” I’ve relived that moment far too many times, but I still couldn’t tell you with clarity what I was thinking. There was adrenalin, and fear, but what still burns in my memory was its eye, with my own eyes […]

Top 10 Largest Sharks In The History Of World

10 Largest Sharks In History Sharks have intrigued us for decades now and the more we get to know them, the more is the attraction! Those ocean monsters might be life threatening for humans but they have a grace about them that we can’t have enough of! You aren’t denying that, are you? Whether you […]

How to Kill Sharks | Slash Course | NowThis Nerd

(upbeat music) – Hi everyone, I’m Moose, and just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, we’re diving into the deep end to slay some more sharks. (screaming) (suspenseful music) (water splashes) Sharks are deadlier than most cinematic slashers combined, and they just so happen to be real, which is […]

Great White Shark swims right by me!!! Not the regular Art Mann Channel video. Haha

This is Carpinteria, California. Beautiful summer day. Haha. Oh I wish this thing didn’t have a wide angle so you could see that. That little spot in the water is a shark. Uh…what? No big deal, just paddle boarding with a shark. What the fuck? I don’t know if the audio is any good, if […]

Uh, Is She Being Catfished By Her BFF? | The Sneak Peek Show | MTV

– Welcome, welcome, come in, take a seat. This is The Sneak Peek Show, your secret source for what to expect on MTV tonight. I’m Amy Pham the keeper of the secrets and today I’ve got a co-keeper of the secrets one mister Erik Zachary. – Thank you for trusting me with some MTV’s most […]