How To Fish for Bream

[MUSIC] Today I’m here on Lake Moultrie. I’m going to learn a little bit about bream fishing from freshwater fisheries biologist Chad Holbrook. So we’ve got two different types of live bait that we’re going to try with bream today. And how are we going to be fishing this live bait? We’re gonna start out […]

How To Fish for Crappie

[MUSIC] Alright it’s a quarter till seven, we’re out here real early this morning and we’re out here with Brad Taylor outdoors we’re gonna go out there and try to catch some crappie. So why are we out here so early? We’re going to go fish some deep brush this morning. Dan it’s on these […]

How to Gear Up for Trout Fishing

[MUSIC] We’re here today at James Gap state park we’ve got the beautiful middle Saluda river flowing behind us that’s full of trout. But today we’re going to talk all about what you would need to go out and trout fish. I’m joined by Kevin Kubek who’s one of our freshwater fisheries biologist out of […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Fishing Gear

Hey guys I’m ready to go fishing! When was the last time you went fishing? Were you six? I guess it has been a long time. Yeah dude, It might be time to upgrade your rod. Think you might be right about that one. [NOISE] Hello, may I help you with anything today? Yes actually […]