How Sea Spiders Breathe Without Lungs or Gills | ScienceTake

“A lot of strange creatures live in the cold depths beneath the Antarctic ice, but none stranger than the giant sea spiders. Sea spiders are often tiny, but Antarctic species grow to dinner-plate size. Even stranger are their internal organs. Their genitals and parts of their guts are found in their legs. And because their […]

Some Sharks Live for 500 Years, What Can We Learn From Them?

Most species of shark evolved in the oceans before the first trees evolved on earth. They’ve been around up to 450 million years and have survived 4 mass extinctions so far.Many of the OG ancient sharks that first started to appear millions of years ago remain virtually unchanged today, like this frilled shark–yeah, that guy’s […]

Against superbugs: Russian science discovered the source of new antibiotics

The antibiotics we know today don’t work anymore. That’s why superbugs – bacteria resistant to modern antibiotics kill some 700 thousand people each year. An equivalent to the population of Detroit, Montenegro or one of Siberia’s largest cities – Tyumen Nightmare superbugs No new antibiotics in the pipeline End of the road for antibiotics unless […]

Investigation of the causes of mass fish kills

They were the grim scenes that shocked Australia and made headlines around the world. Millions of fish found dead in western New South Wales. “To me, it was like the coral bleaching moment for the inland. It was an incredible wake-up call.” There were three separate fish kills that took place in rapid succession. The […]