How Do Fish Breathe? | Animal Science for Kids

Squeaks and I are adopting a pet goldfish! He lives in a fish tank, and he’s a great swimmer! In fact, this little guy’s whole body is really suited to life in the water. He has great fins to help him swim, and eyes that can stay open in the water. These special body parts […]

How Do Fish Talk To Each Other?

Fish have been found singing off the coast of Australia. A belated Prince tribute, you ask? Well, no, not exactly. Hey guys, Natalia here for DNews today. The morning rooster has met its underwater match. Scientists have studied fish since the days of Aristotle, analyzing their body language and vocal behavior, but recent recordings off […]

What If You ONLY Ate Fish?

Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin. Blocko here, coming to you LIVE from my favorite sushi joint. Gosh, I could eat here every day! …or could I? Well, for one, this establishment suffers from a serious lack of pizza bagels, and this simply will not do, but the bigger question here i think is […]

These Fish Eat Scales

[♪ INTRO] You’re probably pretty familiar with the Hollywood image of piranhas. The water starts churning, and suddenly an unlucky animal is nothing but a bare skeleton. And yeah, piranhas can definitely do some damage, but most of them aren’t these ferocious monsters. They eat lots of different things, and many piranhas — along with […]

Which Fish Did We Evolve From?

You’ve probably heard that every bony land-dwelling creature on Earth evolved from fish that grew limbs and crawled out of the water many million years ago. And yet, over 99% of the fish in today’s oceans, lakes, and rivers have incredibly delicate fins, formed by a series of spines covered by a thin web of […]

The Mystery of the Barreleye Fish

Just off the west coast of the United States, deep down in the Pacific Ocean, there lives a fish. And not just any fish. With its long, bulging eyes and transparent head, the Pacific barreleye fish is a little… different. Biologists don’t actually know much about it, because like many deep-sea animals, the barreleye is […]

Science Spotlight: Fish, Swim Bladders and Boyle’s Law

Ok, so today I’m using this balloon to simulate the swim bladder of a fish and I’ve also got some weights attached to it. So, these are sort of simulating the weight of the fish that normally would drag it down and an artificial swim bladder that’s filled with gas, so that it would keep […]

Honey bees and zebra fish come to a consensus, thanks to a little robotic intervention

In the wild, animals affect each others behavior all the time—prey species keep away from predators’ turf, insects jump away from browsing herbivores—they may not be communicating per se but they shape each others’ environment. To further explore this relationship, researchers used robots to mediate between two species unlikely to ever encounter each other in […]

Fish that walk (1999)

[Music playing] [Music playing] (Narrator) This unique fish, that walks on its’ hands, was declared an endangered species in 1996 and only intense scientific research has saved its’ life. But its’ near extinction could be ringing the warning bells about much wider and more serious environmental problems. There’s only one place where the Spotted Handfish […]