Episode 10 – Sea trout fishing in Stockholm archipelago (havsöring)

Good morning, having my morning coffee Today we will go fishing for sea trouts! My bag is packed, and the fishing rod is here. Feels like it will be an awesome day. Clear blue sky… but it is quite windy. We are gonna make our absolute best today, to catch these amazing sea trouts. Longing…. […]

FLY TV Squeeze – Rauk Trout – Fly Fishing for Gotland Sea Trout

Hi and welcome back to Fly TV Squeeze. I am Niklaus Bauer. We are back on Gotland. Fishing with my two good friends, Per and Robert. They are guides at Fish Your Dream. Per, what do you think of the conditions? – I think we have good trout conditions. We have some movement in the […]

Catching Sea Trout in Randers Fjord/ Expert tips/ Denmark,

Open house with an Anglers Club by Randers Fjord in Denmark Maj 10th, 2015, Luckily we have got the foreman here, who is fully occupied with making people realize that smoking fish, as a really god way to prepare them – it only takes 10 minuttes. Lets hear, what he has to say. Have you […]

Sea trout and pike on the fly. Fishing Vlog

What are you fishing with Frank? ha? What are you fishing with Frank? Jiggy! Spring is finally here And the sun is out today and it’s easterholliday for me at least it couldn’t be more perfect to go fish for sea trout I don’t know if i’m going to catch any but I sure as […]


This silvery and extremely heavy trout Jumps out of the water like seven, eight, nine times And it’s like six feet through the air It’s absolutely ridiculous, we can’t believe our own eyes Now we got home from Samsø, Denmark. Definitely one of the most insane fishing trips you could ever imagine Never thought we […]

FLY TV Squeeze – Gotland Sea Trout

Hi and welcome back to FLY TV Squeeze. Today, we are on the beautiful island of Gotland. On the east coast of Sweden. My friends from FishYourDreams are here. We will see if we can catch some nice silvery sea trout. So Per, what are the conditions today? We are being disturbed and harassed by […]

Teaser – Dry Fly Sea Trout Fishing In Rivers – Fly Fishing In Denmark

Hi, my name is Michael. – And I am Oliver. Today we’re out fishing with dry flies, in some small danish rivers. It’s late season, and there should be a good amount of fish in the river, so we hope for some action! So if you’re into dry fly fishing, check this out!

Sea trout fly fishing in Denmark with Rodtrip

Je prépare le matos pour la journée Tu en a pris une belle ! Oui merci C’est un très beau poisson Sur une crevette ? Sur une crevette blanche Montre moi C’est une 50+ Très beau poisson Gino, bon boulot ! Santé ! Pour toi mon ami Merci beaucoup ! Des bières belges Merci, merci […]

FLY TV – West Coast Silver – Fly Fishing for Sea Run Brown Trout

Hi! I am Steffan Jensen. – And I am Henrik Wallberg. You are watching FLY TV. Today, we are doing this: Good work, man! – Great! Finally! Hi and welcome back to FLY TV. We are on the west coast of Sweden. We will fish for sea trout with Henrik. Hey, man! Tell us a […]

FLY TV – Sight Fishing Big Sea Trout in a Small River

I am Steffan Jensen from Fly-Dressing. You are watching FLY TV and today we are sight fishing- -for big sea trouts in small rivers. Welcome back to FLY TV. My name is Steffan Jensen and we are in the south of Sweden today. This river is my home water and I know it very well. […]