Inside The Tanks (Full Documentary)

For decades, marine captivity has been one of the most profitable industries in the tourism sector, bringing millions of people around the world to watch these animals jump, splash and play. But in recent years, a much darker side to the industry has come to light. And whilst many of the marine parks are thousands […]

Visiting an Aquarium At OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale Arizona and Searching for Monster Fish!!!

– Hi! (upbeat music) – Hey guys! Now before this video gets started, I just wanted to explain a little bit what this is because I forgot to film an intro of course. Of course I did. But it is pretty much where we went to this very awesome aquarium called the OdySea Aquarium, maybe? […]

Why NO Aquarium In The WORLD Has a Great White Shark!

Have you ever gone to an aquarium and noticed that they never have a great white shark? Nature’s most fascinating predator is missing. Here are the top 7 reasons why no aquarium has a great white shark. 7. They Need A Lot of Space Many people visit aquariums hoping to catch a glimpse of sharks […]


It’s a cold January day in Massachusetts. The ocean here around Cape Cod is in the low 40’s and a strong wind is howling off the water. But the wind is a blessing. Stranded on the sand is a juvenile Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle. This little guy is barely clinging to life. He would have […]